Why Aren’t Prosecutors Who Break the Law Held Accountable for Misconduct?

By Innocence Staff

In June, Innocence Project Senior Staff Attorney Nina Morrison published a New York Times op-ed examining a recent prosecutorial misconduct scandal involving Glenn Kurtzrock, a former homicide prosecutor in Suffolk County, New York, who was caught withholding exculpatory material from a man charged with first-degree murder who had maintained his innocence. Earlier this week, Morrison spoke to Peter B. Collins—host of the Who.What.Why. podcast—about the evidence exposing Kurtzrock’s misconduct and why, more generally, prosecutors who knowingly violate the law are not legally held responsible for their actions.

Listen to the compelling interview and learn more about what the Innocence Project is doing to address the dire need for greater prosecutorial accountability.

Prosecutors Who Break the Law Face No Punishment: NY Legislature Creates Commission for Prosecutorial Misconduct

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