News 11.21.19

4 Ways to Help Free the Innocent on Giving Tuesday and Beyond

By Innocence Staff

Clemente Aguirre and his attorney Josh Dubin (right) the day he was exonerated of murder in November 2018. Photo by Phelan Ebanhack.

On Giving Tuesday, people around the world join together in support of the causes they care about, making donations and change. And this Giving Tuesday, December 3, you can help us prove our clients’ innocence and support those who are wrongfully convicted in their fight for justice.

Here are 4 ways you can support the Innocence Project on Giving Tuesday — and any other day!

1. Start your own Facebook fundraiser. If you’re on Facebook, you can set up a fundraiser and invite your friends to join your fight for justice in a just a few minutes. Need help? Find out how here.

2. Donate. Your generous support means everything to us and our clients. This Giving Tuesday, we need to raise $200,000 to cover our DNA testing expenses for our clients in 2020. You can donate directly to the Innocence Project to help cover DNA testing expenses as well as the work we do to help free the wrongfully convicted here. And if you want to keep giving beyond Tuesday, you can set up monthly gifts.

3. Shop. Get your Innocence Project gear and strike up conversations about the need to reform our criminal justice system.

4. Stay in the loop. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also sign up for emails to get updates from us.

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