Time Magazine Special Edition: Commemorating 25 Years of the Innocence Project

By Carlita Salazar

Just in time for its 25th anniversary, the Innocence Project is the centerpiece of Time magazine’s newly published special edition issue, Innocent: The Fight Against Wrongful Convictions. From its introduction—authored by New York Times columnist Jim Dwyer—to its last chapter, the issue explains how Innocence Project Co-Founders and Co-Directors Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck fostered a movement in America’s criminal justice system through the use of DNA technology and pays tribute to clients as well as to some of the many players who have become central to the work of exonerating innocent people.

Highlights include the following:

  • Profiles on Innocence Project clients, including:
    • Marvin Anderson, Steven Barnes, Lewis Fogle, Angel Gonzalez, Andre Hatchett, Michelle Murphy and Anthony Wright
  • Profiles on Innocence Project Director of Post-Conviction Litigation Vanessa Potkin and Innocence Project Senior Staff Attorney Nina Morrison
  • Members of the Innocence Network including California Innocence Project Executive Director Justin Brooks, Jim Coleman and Theresa Newman, co-directors of the Wrongful Convictions Clinic at Duke Law School, Jon Eldan from After Innocence, Ohio Innocence Project Director Mark Godsey and Innocence Project New Orleans Executive Director Emily Maw

The issue will go on sale on February 17. It’s available on Amazon or select newsstands. 


  1. Debrah Liebenguth

    Please 849 1872..Who do i contact for help..

  2. Lateese Williams

    2 God be the glory 4 releasing my childhood friend Herman Atkins

  3. Interesting day for this to come out. 47th anniversary for the MacDonald murders is today the 17th.

  4. Theresa G Herrera

    Please help me 210-725-1748. Whom do I contact for help and information.

  5. Stephanie Gavin

    How and where do I get help for over conviction for a friend convicted as a teen for life.

  6. Mona Calvert

    My brother and I need your help! Please!

  7. Ralph Lopez

    My letter to the Editor of Time:

    “Innocent: The Fight Against Wrongful Convictions” is a laudable attempt to expose a long-festering injustice. However, it gives a pass to a large part of the problem. In many cases, prosecutors know full well that evidence against the accused is incomplete, imperfect, or contradictory, yet they strive for a conviction anyway. Nothing will change until prosecutors are held accountable.

  8. Susan B Brooks (the real one)

    I believe you can call information and ask for Washington, DC and Federal Communication Commission with dialing assistance for investigation information. Using your cell phone is safer due to an investigation taking place regarding a Corrupt Government having access to communication. Also, the FBI is with Secret Service, and Central Intelligence Agency is available through the same means. Ask for dialing assistance.
    thank you
    please be aware of a stalking situation where there is identity theft.

  9. Sharon Yeats

    Im from the Uk and want to buy this , How ?

  10. Scott Lane

    My name is Scott Lane and I’m in NH and 3 weeks ago I was arrested on charges that are more than two years old from the state of South Dakota. I’m actually out on bond for these fugitive from justice warrants. I was never guilty of these crimes to begin with and I thought I pled to them for time served a couple years ago. There are 7 open felony warrants for me now and i’ve been in contact with the prosecution and he wants to bury me under the prison for crimes i didnt commit. I’m facing like 60 years over some empty residue drug baggies that i didn’t even possess 2 years ago. I have a public defender who does nothing for me, his office hangs up on me when i call. my wife is over 8 months pregnant and i could miss the birth of my daughter and they could drag me back with this governors warrant any day. Im terrified and i need help please immediately contact me at 603-530-1512 or 603-217-7104

  11. Melissa Buck

    I am surprised that David Camm isn’t in this one. Such a sad story.

  12. See message -> regarding wrongful conviction Our group has been working for several year create a commission to oversee prosecutors. We are very close support the NY Bill to hold prosecutors accountable

    Check our web site out for more information

  13. vanne hanisch-godo

    I have a friend in the south who has been wrongfully convicted, and he has just sent off for the application form to begin the process. I am so glad that this organization is in existence !

  14. George Gojcaj

    My brother has been wrongfully convicted. We need help. Being used by lawyers.

  15. Debra Jones

    I am desperately seeking help in reference to my son, who was wrongfully arrested and given a maximum of 60 years with no chance for rehabilitation. Also my son has a medical condition, no liver or spleen and the jail doesn,t want medical records but he is having problems now and not being treated for it. Please please can you help me.

  16. Sharon Story

    My son was wrongfully convicted by a young women he has children. Please somebody help me.

    • Sharon Story

      Correction my son has children by this lady whom became jealous, and had my son sent to prison for nothing. Can somebody help me please.

  17. Renate Solomon

    Last week I was checking out groceries and noticed your special edition INNOCENT. Thank God that the media is finally addressing this problem. I bet TIME Magazine has NEVER heard of the Columbus (GA) Stocking Strangler! In 1977/78 from mid-Sep to April a psychopath killed 7 elderly white women of the upper echelon of Columbus’ society. They were all murdered in the old all-white prominent neighborhood of Wynnton. They were tortured, then strangled in their own beds during the night. I have lived in Columbus for over 35 years and left, when I realized the killer was an acquaintance of mine, who I have known since 1964, when I first came to Columbus. FIVE wrongful convictions alone out of Columbus. The GA Innocence Project is handling one of the wrongful convictions for me. Three have the same killer, who in 2011 faked his death. I am willing to fly at my expense to meet with you should you be interested in my story. This has been kept away from the outside world with the lid on tight. Some the higher ups of town were set up in compromising positions at the PORN ROOM at his house. Lawyers, preachers, two mayors and elected public officials were among the frequent visitors …I have everything to back up my claims. It would take hours to tell. The first wrongful conviction was a black man named Carlton Gary, who was railroaded 7 years after the murders. They needed a scapegoat, because the prominent relatives of the victims wanted answers, that an incompetent, small town police consisting of racist “good ol’ boys” could not give them. Carlton Gary has been on death row in Jackson, GA since 1986. Twice an execution was halted! Once by the US Supreme Court. His case is still open. He has a strong defense team led by post-conviction attorney Jack Martin of Atlanta. The DNA, a foot print and a bite mark did not match Gary.
    So please, if you are interested, I beg you to help, by bringing this to the light of day. My name is Renate Solomon, I now live in Houston, TX. 281-961-9416

  18. Paula Barnett

    My brother didn’t have DNA evidence and needs help as well.

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