This Week in Innocence News – October 6, 2017

By Innocence Staff

John Oliver on how bad forensics leads to wrongful convictions
On HBO’s Last Week Tonight Sunday evening, host John Oliver explained how the misapplication of forensic science often results in wrongful convictions.

Honoring Wrongful Conviction Day
The Innocence Project and Innocence Network member organizations celebrated International Wrongful Conviction Day on October 2. Created by the Innocence Network in 2014, Wrongful Conviction Day aims to raise awareness of the causes and remedies of wrongful conviction and to recognize the tremendous personal, social and emotional costs of wrongful conviction for innocent people and their families. Read more

Remembering exoneree Clark McMillan
The Innocence Project remembers exoneree Clark McMillan, who died of lung cancer on Sunday at age 61. Read more

Remembering exoneree John Thompson
The Innocence Project remembers exoneree John Thompson, who died Tuesday in New Orleans. He was 55 years old. Read more

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    Thanks for this O follow you all I will be sending some papers for him to you all he mailed ME from prison You all do a wonderful job God Bless

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