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Send messages to courageous dads Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson and Antron McCray

By Innocence Staff

(L-R): Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana and Yusef Salaam. Photo: Lacy Atkins.

“I preach to my kids, ‘Just tell the truth. Be true to who you are,’” Antron McCray, proud father of six, told CBS News last month. “Honestly, the last time I lied, got me 7.5 years for something I didn’t do.”

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All year round, we’re inspired by the courage and resilience of dads who were wrongfully convicted. Will you help us honor them by sending an uplifting Father’s Day message today?

For exonerated dads like Antron and his fellow exonerees Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson and Raymond Santana, Father’s Day is a reminder to celebrate the strength they show for themselves and their families, even if it’s also a bittersweet reminder of the years lost.

And for those wrongfully convicted fathers still fighting for freedom, it’s a day to honor their struggle and resilience. This Father’s Day, help us remind wrongfully convicted dads that we’re standing with them and fighting for the day they’ll be reunited with their families too.

Send a Father’s Day message to courageous dads who endured wrongful conviction. It will make their day.

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  1. Bobbl McLaughln says:

    My husband and I have followed your stories and have listened to your stories. I think cried over your stories. We pray for you and your families Because of the injustices that caused your incarceration and the difficult processes that you endured to get your life back it is up to those who have the compassion and determination to make wrongs right. GOD bless all of you!!!!

  2. Mechele Days says:

    My husband Selwyn Days friends with Jeff Deskovic both exonerees out of NY along with a host of others send warm wishes to you ALL, Selwyn was tried 5 times and finally freed after 17 years, he painfully watched but it took him a week because it brought him to tears. We are sadden and relieved every time we hear the word wrongfully convicted. I often ask wheres the real justice in so much injustice!! May God bless you on everything you touch! His story can be seen at
    Along with Jeffrey Deskovic

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