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Send messages to courageous dads Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson and Antron McCray

By Innocence Staff

(L-R): Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana and Yusef Salaam. Photo: Lacy Atkins.

“I preach to my kids, ‘Just tell the truth. Be true to who you are,’” Antron McCray, proud father of six, told CBS News last month. “Honestly, the last time I lied, got me 7.5 years for something I didn’t do.”

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All year round, we’re inspired by the courage and resilience of dads who were wrongfully convicted. Will you help us honor them by sending an uplifting Father’s Day message today?

For exonerated dads like Antron and his fellow exonerees Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson and Raymond Santana, Father’s Day is a reminder to celebrate the strength they show for themselves and their families, even if it’s also a bittersweet reminder of the years lost.

And for those wrongfully convicted fathers still fighting for freedom, it’s a day to honor their struggle and resilience. This Father’s Day, help us remind wrongfully convicted dads that we’re standing with them and fighting for the day they’ll be reunited with their families too.

Send a Father’s Day message to courageous dads who endured wrongful conviction. It will make their day.

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  1. Anne Fuhrmann says:

    I am so sorry for what happened to all of you. Your story woke me up and I hope it wakes the nation.

    Your story has brought me perspective and I want you to know that what you endured so gracefully was not in vain. I believe your story will change many people and it will make them better, kinder human beings.

    May you be happy, joyous and free for the rest of your days.


    YOU MEN…YOU MEN…YOU MEN …. ARE amazing people. I remember the original event in 1989 and followup stories and I knew then there was a massive misjustice and it was another awakening to the racism black men experience in the u.s. I currently live in the u.k. and it is here as well. Your story has broken my heart. What you young boys had to endure and then as adults is off the charts! Lederer and Fairstein have always shown their true colours…..liers and racist. What shouldn’t be is that they are still employed. I will fix my broken heart with my continued interest in your story and my own anti racist work. Your families are very lucky to have you and Im so happy that you found love. Happiness? Im sure that’s difficult on some days because memories can grip us and take us down a black hole. Korey’s story is poignant as well. You guys all have each others back. I have watched your interview with Oprah many times and you are all monumentally moving. Your sons will not have the same black experience you have had, nor many thousands of other black boys. Im a teacher and I will be teaching about your story and using it as a platform in my continued educational practice of diversity, justice, prejudice and unlawful legal systems….because that is what you endured …. unlawful legal services. my love and commitment to you all. xx

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