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9 Powerful Reactions to Movie ‘Just Mercy,’ Starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx

By Daniele Selby

Courtesy of Represent Justice.

Just Mercy, released in theaters across the US on January 10, tells the story of Bryan Stevenson, then a young lawyer, and his incredible effort to save the life of Walter McMillian, who was sentenced to death for a murder he did not commit.

The powerful film, which stars Michael B. Jordan as Stevenson and Jamie Foxx as McMillian, has only been in theaters nationwide for about a week, but has already left an indelible mark on viewers. 

It’s estimated that 4% of people on death row are wrongfully convicted — like McMillian — this means that at least 100 people are at risk of losing their lives for a crime they did not commit. And those who have seen the film have been shocked and outraged to learn of such injustice.

Just Mercy, which takes its name from Stevenson’s book of the same title, shows the grueling uphill battle Stevenson and McMillian faced in pursuit of justice. The film also follows the creation of the Equal Justice Initiative, the organization Stevenson founded to challenge racial injustice in the legal system and advocate against mass incarceration and the use of excessive punishment, including the death penalty.

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Celebrities like rapper and activist Common and Kim Kardashian — who have both been vocal advocates of criminal justice reform — were so moved by the film, they bought out theaters to give people the opportunity to see it for free, and urged people to support the movie.

And many people who have seen Just Mercy have applauded the film and what it stands for on social media, and have called for action. These are just some of the thoughtful reactions that reflect the film’s impact.


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  1. Joy Cochran says:

    I just finished the book last night and can’t wait to go see the film! I am so moved by Mr. Stevenson’s honest writing and his plight for justice and mercy. I also recommend the Scene On Radio Podcast “Seeing White” Series. In order to get to a place of unity, we have to understand the place from which we have come.[].

  2. Lori Clifford Wood says:

    Yes the movie was well done, but did not show how all those years on death row cause Macmillian and early death.
    I also believe DA ,state legal systems and police must be procuted when these cases come to light. This maybe the only thing to stop the legal system from being used as the way this society lynches us

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