News 12.19.17

Quiz: How much do you know about jailhouse informants?

By Innocence Staff

Answer these nine questions about jailhouse informants, and you’ll learn key information and outrageous facts about how informants play a role in our criminal justice system. Take the quiz and let us know how you did in the comments below.

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  1. George Stevens says:

    Using a jailhouse snitch just shows what a big P 0 S our justice really system is, and to what low-life underhanded tactics they will resort to, to get a conviction. Best thing to do is, if you sit on a jury, and the sleazy prosecution brings in a jailhouse snitch, bounce the case like a rubber ball and acquit the defendant. If the scum bags lose enough cases because of this, they will stop doing it.

  2. Andrea Robledo says:

    I need help and I dont know where else to go. My boyfriend was accused 5 years ago of cont sexual assult. The kid recanted 5 times to different people. he refused probation two times to take it to trial. He wont admit to something he didnt do. Jury found him guilty. The judge said the evidence was to conflicting she couldnt believe it either. My guys exwife (her daughter victim) was proved to be having affair at time accusations came out. Clearly she is behind it. We had text msg from kids and everything that the girl wasnt scared but wanted him to come home. i need help. This man has never been in trouble before. judge gave him 25 yrs out of dallas county. this is not suppose to be happening. every lawyer said no way should he been convicted. He is innocent. medical proof was girl was a virgin but alleged penis/vaginal penetration. This is legally not right. i been with him 5 years he is not thst way. what do I do. we expected s not guilty verdict. the entire courtroom could not believe it. help him please 9725133313. Its costing our entire family 25k for an appeal. none of us could celebrate christmas this year. or christmas dinner having to scrape every dollar we can to try to help him. please i am begging yall. or tell me what to do.

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