October 2 is Wrongful Conviction Day

Today is the second annual Wrongful Conviction Day, which was launched internationally by the Association of Defence of the Wrongfully Convicted (AIDWYC) on October 2 last year.

The purpose of Wrongful Conviction Day is to set aside a day to focus on and discuss the causes and remedies concerning wrongful convictions, an issue that affects and devastates individuals, families and societies worldwide. In recognition of the day, innocence groups from around the world will hold events and host a range of activities to raise awareness about the many cases of people who have been convicted of crimes they did not commit.

According to AIDWYC, since 1992, there have been 1,623 recorded exonerations in the United States; 330 were driven by post-conviction DNA evidence. Already in 2015, 52 people in the United States have been exonerated of crimes they didn’t commit, says AIDWYC.

If you would like to raise your voice in recognition of Wrongful Conviction Day, go to

, where you can take a stand for innocence. From that page, you’ll find tweets and images that you can share on social media. 

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