News 07.19.07

NJ op-ed: DNA cases are just the tip of the iceberg

An op-ed in yesterday’s Newark Star-Ledger calls for sweeping reforms to the American criminal justice system based on the flaws uncovered by the 205 DNA exonerations to date. John Holdridge writes that these 205 cases show a pattern of error and misconduct that is not limited to cases involving biological evidence.

The high number of wrongly convicted prisoners exonerated by DNA testing is just the tip of the iceberg of innocent lives being spent behind bars and even sent to death chambers. These stories must serve as a stark reminder of additional measures we must take to increase the accuracy of our criminal justice system across the nation.

Read the full op-ed here

. (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/18/07)

Read more media coverage of the

chorus of calls for criminal justice reforms

that followed the 200th DNA exoneration nationwide.

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