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News and Opinion on a Wrongful Execution in Texas

We posted yesterday on the New Yorker’s exhaustive investigation showing that Cameron Todd Willingham was executed in Texas for a crime he didn’t commit. Below are links to some coverage of the story, along with reaction and opinion from across the web:

Bob Herbert

wrote today in the New York Times

that “it was inevitable that some case in which a clearly innocent person had been put to death would come to light.”

Jonah Lehrer writes at The Daily Dish blog

that the Willingham case brought to mind the Just World Hypothesis, which suggests that we “rationalize injustices away, so that we can maintain our naive belief in a just world.”

Allan Turner wrote in the Houston Chronicle

that the Willingham case may bolster federal forensic reforms.

Desiree Evans asked at Facing South

: “How many more Willinghams exist on Texas’ death row?”

Tomorrow (Wednesday, September 2) at 3 p.m. EST, New Yorker reporter David Grann will take readers’ questions in a live chat.

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  1. Stephen Vanek says:

    That’s horrific.

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