New Netflix Series Explores False Confessions

By Innocence Staff

A new Netflix documentary series explores the issue of false confessions by delving into homicide cases in which an innocent person initially took responsibility for the crime.

Season one of The Confession Tapes features six cases in which the defendant falsely confessed after being interrogated, manipulated and threatened by police. Each episode is supplemented by video footage of the interrogations, archival photos and interviews with prosecutors, police, attorneys, family members and experts.

The series tackles the commonly held notion that a person would never confess to a crime he or she did not commit. In fact, 32 percent of people exonerated by DNA evidence in the United States falsely confessed to the crimes for which they were convicted.

The reasons why people falsely confess are complex and varied, but what they tend to have in common is a belief that cooperating with police will be more beneficial than continuing to maintain innocence. Often defendants are told that, in order to avoid a harsh sentence or the death penalty, he or she should confess. In many cases, the defendant is worn down after hours—sometimes days—of questioning, and signs a confession simply to put an end to the interrogations.

Learn more about false confessions here.

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  1. I’ll definitely watch this documentary

  2. Clara Glaspie

    I watched the show. Heartbreaking but needed for everyone to see.

  3. Rocky Ricarte

    Just watched the first 2 episodes – I feel sick. These types of things only happen “over-there”.

  4. Rocky Ricarte

    I should have said…these types of things are only supposed to happen “over-there”. As a Washingtonian…I am ashamed.

  5. Connie Headrick

    I didn’t know about the Confession Tapes – I will be sure to watch it.Thank you!

  6. Hugh Higgins

    Good information. Thanks to you and Netflix. But why are you asking for my information again? I have been in your database as a donor for years and just filled out your survey. Feels like interrogation!

  7. Teresa Rust

    I am watching the The Confession Tapes on Netflix and I am so upset about Atif and Sebastian’s wrongful conviction!!! What can be done to get these young men justice?

  8. Colin

    Sad and shocked after each episode so far. Its just unreal

  9. Judy Rogers

    I haven’t watched, but wondering if you cover how anxiety and knowing you are innocent have even caused young people to confess to something they didn’t do? Think a college did a study on it.

  10. Billy Bishop

    It’s heartbreaking these boys were innocent and have spent 20 years in jail. What can be done ? S

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