News 08.11.16

Dozens of Philadelphia Drug Convictions Reversed Due to Federal Police Corruption Charges

By Innocence Staff

Last week a judge reversed 158 drug convictions relating to seven Philadelphia officers accused of corruption, bringing the total amount of conviction reversals relating to the officers to about 560, public defender Bradley S. Bridge told the Philadelphia Inquirer. It’s “the largest such dismissal in one day in city history,” reported the Inquirer.

Six of the officers were acquitted at a federal trial in May, but one officer pled guilty and testified against his former colleagues at trial.

The Defender Association of Philadelphia and the district attorney’s office will continue their investigation of arrests made by the seven officers, who are accused of planting evidence, doctoring paperwork, and beating and robbing suspects.

Common Pleas Court Judge Sheila Woods-Skipper said that she expects another 40 convictions will be reversed at a hearing in October, and that she has only reviewed 40 percent of the cases brought by the seven officers.

Read the Philadelphia Inquirer article here.

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  2. Wanda says:

    This Judge is a true American! It begins with Judges to right the wrongs done to Victims of Law Enforcement. It’s a start & since District Attorneys refuse to do their jobs, maybe Judges can do this process of cleaning up, saving lives & bring family members back to their families.

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