Protect Innocent Kansans from Lying Jailhouse Informants

Lamonte McIntyre (left) and Floyd Bledsoe (middle) with fellow Kansas exoneree Richard Jones (right).

Wrongfully convicted Kansans Floyd Bledsoe and Lamonte McIntyre are calling for Kansas to pass legislation (HB 2544) that would prevent wrongful convictions based on lies told by jailhouse witnesses.

Jailhouse witnesses are a leading cause of wrongful convictions because the expectation of receiving a favorable deal creates a strong motivation for them to give false testimony against defendants. In addition, the people victimized by the jailhouse witnesses’ crimes are denied justice when leniency is the reward for testimony.

House Bill 2544 improves transparency and scrutiny surrounding the use of jailhouse witness testimony to prevent wrongful convictions, protect crime victims, and provide reliable evidence for law enforcement investigations and prosecutions.

Sign up to show your support for passing HB 2544 to help prevent wrongful convictions in Kansas. 

This campaign is in partnership with the Midwest Innocence Project and Americans for Prosperity Kansas


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