Protect Innocent Kansans from Lying Jailhouse Informants

Photo by Jim Beckel, The Oklahoman.

Jailhouse informants, who offer testimony against defendants in exchange for leniency, are a leading cause of wrongful convictions. For example, Ronald Williamson was sentenced to death and Dennis Fritz was sentenced to life in prison for a murder they did not commit in Ada, Oklahoma based on false jailhouse informant testimony. The jailhouse informants received leniency on their sentences after claiming to hear both men confess to the crime.

Years after they were convicted, DNA testing on the crime scene evidence revealed that Ronald and Dennis were innocent and matched to a man named Glenn Gore, who had gone on to commit other violent crimes against women. 

Sign up to help Kansas protect innocent people like Ronald and Dennis from being wrongfully convicted based on unreliable jailhouse informants. 

This campaign is in partnership with the Midwest Innocence Project.

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