Innocence Project’s Jarrett Adams to be Featured on Nightly News with Lester Holt

By Innocence Staff

A segment on Innocence Project Post-Conviction Litigation Fellow Jarrett Adams will be featured on Nightly News with Lester Holt on Wednesday night.

Adams was wrongfully convicted of rape in 2000 and sentenced to 28 years in prison. After seven years of wrongful incarceration, he was exonerated with the help of the Wisconsin Innocence Project.

Since his release, Adams graduated with high honors from Roosevelt University, obtained his law degree from Loyola University School of Law and passed the New York state bar exam. Last summer, Adams was hired by the Innocence Project and began helping to free other people wrongly convicted.

In June, Adams helped secure the release of a client from the same prison where he was once incarcerated. Richard Beranek was released after 27 years after DNA testing excluded him as a perpetrator of the rape for which he was sentenced convicted in 1990.

Tune in to Nightly News with Lester Holt on NBC Wednesday, August 2 at 6:30pm ET.

Adams is taking your questions on Facebook Live, Monday, August 7 at 3 p.m. Get started by asking him a question below. 

UPDATE: View the full segment here!


  1. Laqueshia Powell

    Hi im getting in contact on behalf of my lady i work for to help take care of her disabled kids. She has a sin who was wrongfully convicted. They sentenced him before his court date even started. The police made up more charges and told the other girl to say he kidnapped her when she stayed there with him. Can you please give me some info so i can help my lady out.

  2. Lisa Mars

    Thank You Jarrett Adams for taking the time to help others that happen to be in the same situation you were in! Congratulations on winning one of the hardest fought battles known to man in the world today. Wishing you peace and success throughout your time.

  3. Thank God and the efforts of this man that innocents will finally be free. These wrongly convicted people have all had their season in hell. i am so very happy that freedom is theirs and that freedom will be available for others.

  4. kim

    Please help my fiance was wrongfully accused and has to pay for it everyday. We are in florida please it has wrecked his life

  5. Cindee Hughes

    I was really touch by the work that you did to be released from prison
    But I am a person with health problem that I don’t work. I was just wondering is there anything that I can do at home here in Northfield, Ohio.
    THANKS for your time

  6. Viryen Raynor

    Mr Adams I think I need your help so please give me a call

  7. Norlynda Clarke

    What do you look for in determining whether or not you will take on a case? It seems we can not get help from any group.

  8. Jewell Ragsdale

    I saw attorney Adams on the news and I was impressed by his story and how he overcame adversity. I am a ex-convict who served federal time and after my release I went back to school and received both a bachelor and masters degree. I am currently a middle school principal and I would be interested in encouraging young felons that they too can turn their lives around. I was not imprisoned wrongfully, which is what your program is about, but I can speak to how to recover from incarceration. Again a shout out to Attorney Adams for overcoming what could have been a human tragedy for him and his family.

  9. Eileen Marie Felix

    Mr. Adams,
    Your story is so powerful and amazing. I’am glad the truth came out. I respect the work you are doing. My question is what help is there for prisoners given harsher then normal sentences. Two people with similar backgrounds can get extremely different sentences. My grandson was just sentenced to 15 years in prison followed by 15 years probation. He was DUI when he struck a vehicle killing a woman. He plead guilty as he was devastated. After the crash he walked out of the hospital and back to his drug life. The next two months he spent trying to forget the nightmare. He had another DUI was put in jail. While there he was forced to get clean. He chose to stay that way. He moved away from his old contacts got a job and cleaned up all of his criminal record. Almost a year later he was arrested for the DUI vehicular homicide. It took that long for blood work to come back. He was in a small town and so many knew the victims family thst the entire public defenders office reused themselves from the case. I’am no longer naive nor do I trust the justice system. We filed an appeal now we wait. Any suggestions? Thank you for listening.
    Eileen Felix
    Appleton,Wis 920 9154683

  10. Paula Reible

    I cannot say this louder or clearer…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for giving back to humanity! My question for you is at what point did you determine you were going to pursue a Law degree in order to help others in your same situation? Did you ever feel it was an overwhelming task to complete and did you ever feel like giving up? And finally, what do you think set you apart from the next person in your determination to get out and devote your life to helping others? I see many people living for themselves and not giving a thought to help another….again thank you for your work and may you be blessed.

  11. Charlie Hinton

    I’m working with DeWayne Ewing, another innocent man railroaded into a plea bargain for rape based on a cold hit DNA match on a condom he and a girlfriend left in a park in Oakland in 1994. The police found the condom in the bushes and placed it with the rape kit, and he was arrested in 2007. There is NO evidence to link the condom with the rape, and the rape victim testified consistently no condom was used.

    Here’s his Statement of Facts.

    He needs legal help to file a writ based on innocence under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act.

    Thanks for any assistance.

  12. Michelle

    It’s by God’s mighty hand that I found you! Thank you so much for doing what you do! If we allow Him, He will use our sufferings to help another person. I have two questions: 1. How can we prove when the prosecutors and the court appointed attorneys are colluding together. 2. More importantly, once a complaint is filed with the State Bar against a prosecutor, in the middle of an open case, is the prosecutor suppose to be notified by the defendant and then is the prosecutor suppose to notify the court?
    May God bless all that you do and give you great favor!

  13. Kimberly

    Thank GOD! And bless your heart with helping those who needs you,I just wish it was more like you.

  14. torshanna stephenson

    Hey there I’m needing some help with my boyfriend case he’s in prison for a murder charge something be didn’t do and the state of Arkansas has no evidence that he committed this crime they are going by he say she say and he’s innocence so if you can help me I thank you.God bless of you would like to look his case up it’s talideen tramal Davenport vs Arkansas thanks again

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