Innocence Project Files Civil Rights Lawsuit on Behalf of Exoneree Robert Jones

By Innocence Staff

Robert Jones is pictured here (right) Immediately following his exoneration with Innocence Project New Orleans Deputy Director Richard Davis on Jan. 26, 2016. Photo: Innocence Project New Orleans.

Today the Innocence Project, along with the law firms Covington & Burling LLP and Jones Walker LLP, filed a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of exoneree Robert Jones against the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office for the damages Jones suffered following his arrest, wrongful convictions, and over 23 years of wrongful imprisonment for crimes he didn’t commit. The lawsuit highlights the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office’s long history of failing to honor its constitutional obligation to disclose evidence favorable to defendants in cases like Jones’s, including its failure to adequately train and supervise its prosecutors to disclose favorable evidence, despite repeated court findings of disclosure violations in other cases.

You can read the complaint filed today here.

You can read more about Jones’s wrongful conviction here.

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  1. Daronda Toole

    Best of LUCK to you!!
    And many thanks to those who listened, believed and valiantly worked / work on your behalf.

  2. Christine Hall

    Hope this case receives enough attention locally so that everyone who encounters Robert Jones will know a man has been wronged and karma and society owe him a couple really good opportunities right now. Opportunities for happiness and prosperity, a chance to see, learn and experience new things.

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