Innocence Network Accepting Award Nominations

The Innocence Network will give two new annual awards for the first time next year, and the group is accepting nominations now.

One prize – the Champion of Justice Award – will go to a public servant who has gone above and beyond to free the innocent and/or reform the criminal justice system to prevent wrongful convictions. The other award- the Journalism Award – will honor investigative reporting that has brought the issues around wrongful conviction to life.

Nominations are due January 8 and the awards will be announced at the Innocence Network annual conference April 16-18 in Atlanta.

Read more about the awards and submit your nomination


The Innocence Network is an affiliation of 54 organizations around the world dedicated to providing pro bono legal and investigative services to individuals seeking to prove innocence of crimes for which they have been convicted and working to redress the causes of wrongful convictions.

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  1. Help my father he has been down for ten years plz he is not guilty

  2. Hi my name\’s alisha. Please help my dad contact me asap

  3. Sherie

    I have been convicted of a crime that never occurred…I was accused by roommates that where discovered drug addicts…I was a professional renting a room in a beautiful house referred by classmate. His grandmother house but misrepresentstion she did not live there…the daughter and she had Five bedroom house on socialsecurity acting as the tenant on her mothers behalf that live in North Carolina…I worked so much rarely seen them I Transferred from Southern California to Northern California (8hoyr drive) Dept of Corrections Realingnment Executive order Govenor Edmund Brown …layoff staff reductions due to the inmate reductions.

    I was convicted terrist threats with brandishing a knife (discovery in court knife appeals no DNA) I was not home from Friday to Wednesday never seen my roommates when I arrived home from boyfriends house (he rent a room across town also).
    I am seeking Re-Trial of my case I need to fight for my life back …I been on disability exhausted funds,unempoly is $2300 with current bills cell phone $59 homeless, car note $250 with storage $186 on food stamps,medical however retirement contributions paid early termination lease $3000,paid,Sacramento Sherif for work program to avoid jail $2500 owe Sacramento Recovery Unit court fees,fingerprints,PD public defenders fees,resitution $3700 moving fee $200 uhaul$100 pay friend to stay at her house $200 just humiliating to lose your career on not reporting arrest when you never knew that was required never signed documents in Orientation,but I applied for promotion that form was held against me months before the accused incident occurred.

  4. Coulette

    I am seeking assistance to help my cousin who has been incarcerated for the past 17 years and counting. Please contact me if only for an ear or available resources to use that I may not be aware exist.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. rehana alli

    Hello and thank you for this opportunity.

    My brother was convicted of rape of a minor in 2007. The conviction was as a result of the governor and prosecutor referring to him as Al Kaida.

    I do not know where my brother is. I wrote to Chris Christie early on to help exonerate him as the DNA lab was flooded and there was a mix up.

    My mother, who has since passed away, paid a lawyer in New Jersey a lot of money our inheritances and now we have nothing.

    I know my brother and I know and believe that he is innocent. Can you help us.

    Thank you.


  6. Wayne Sikes

    Happy holidays,
    I’m a paralegal looking for Advice in filling a “notice to remove” from state court on a personal case involving my home. can you help? It’s been ruled on by the court of special appeals but they don’t believe in protecting a persons constitutional right to a hearing. Do you think the federal court will honor it? My name is Wayne Sikes and my phone number is 301-933-1065. I was once a liaison for NCFM (because of numerous false arrest and the state of Marylands protective order racket)and am currently looking for work in the paralegal field and your office. I’ve never been found guilty of anything except trying to be a father to my daughter. Apparently that is enough for the courts to extort from a father all he has worked his life to create.
    Mr. Sikes

  7. Christina Gonzalez

    Do you have a volunteer program?

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