Innocence Blog Mother’s Day Series: Rosie and Lamonte McIntyre

By Innocence Staff

Lamonte and Rosie McIntyre.

Lamonte McIntyre’s mother, Rosie McIntyre, raised him and his five siblings to believe in the justice system. That belief was shattered when Lamonte was arrested in 1994 at age 17 based on false and manipulated eyewitness identification. Five months later, Lamonte was wrongly convicted in Kansas of a double murder.

From the moment Lamonte was arrested until he walked free in 2017, Rosie stood by her son’s side. When everything seemed bleak, she helped Lamonte hold onto the belief that someday he would be free.

The first eight years were the most painful for Lamonte and Rosie, as they both adjusted to what they knew would be a long battle. Sometimes, it felt like they were both in prison. When most families were gathered together over delicious holiday meals or celebrating birthdays with cake and ice cream, Rosie and Lamonte were huddled together in the cramped and noisy prison visiting room.

Rosie kept track of anything and everything that could help him, and for many years she battled alone, fueled by her sheer determination to bring her son home.

Even though she had little money, Rosie bought gas every week so she could visit Lamonte. She never missed a court date. On one occasion, she showed up to the Kansas Supreme Court holding a pillow over her stomach; she had just undergone surgery.

Rosie’s love for Lamonte is what kept him going.

After years of Rosie reaching out to attorneys and media for help, Centurion finally answered her call in 2009 and began actively investigating Lamonte’s case. Later, the Midwest Innocence Project joined Lamonte’s defense team and brought critical resources to their courtroom effort. None of that would have happened without Rosie’s belief in Lamonte’s innocence and her tireless efforts to win his freedom. Rosie became the heart and soul of the “dream team” that came together to litigate Lamonte’s case.

On October 13, 2017, Lamonte walked out of prison a free man—not as his mother’s teenage son, but as her 41-year-old survivor of wrongful conviction. This victory was achieved only because Rosie never stopped fighting for Lamonte.

Join us in honoring Rosie and all the moms who stood as their children’s rock through the worst of times. This post is the second of a four-part Mother’s Day series. Follow the Innocence Blog to read other stories about exonerees, their mothers and their children.

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  1. Jerrell Johnson

    You both have been a great inspiration, may God Bless you and your mother! Best!

  2. Reverend, Ester Holzendorf

    Congratulations. All Best to you and your family.

  3. Gina Sigillito

    What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing and a Happy Mother’s Day to you 🙂

  4. Linda Lindo

    I thank you for this article that has blessed me I too fighting for my son life for murder he’s been in there for 14 years they have infected him with hepatitis B and refuse to give him medication I’m too is like that mother I would not give up until I see my son walk out those doors he is 41 now self sometimes I just don’t know what to do because going to certain people they don’t care but I do pray and keep God to my mind and in my heart and keep Focus I know my son was falsely accused he was not even the one that was picked out but the one that was picked out turn State witness and they let him go.
    Thanks again for this article it bless me at the time it came I was in tears but it let me know that I could still can fight it that there is hope for me and my son as well thank you

  5. karla todd

    Rosie McIntrye,
    You are an incredible mother and advocate. It makes my heart sing to learn of your devotion to your son and your belief in him.

    Rosie and Lamonte,
    I am so sorry that justice was not served and that such a disservice was done to you Lamonte and your mother and family. I’m also thankful to hear about organizations like the Innocence Project and Centurion. We as a society have much work to do to promote Innocence over Injustice. Please keep sharing your story.

  6. Peter Slaughter

    Classic story and glad the brother was freed and set free from updated slavery and genocide.
    This country should tell the truth that slavery never ended and the whole thing is a really a con job being ran on the masses ( especially so-called black people)

  7. Shasta Turner

    WOW…such a powerful testimony. I pray for McIntyre family and those fighting for justice of love ones. Though my mom served her entire sentence for a crime she did not convict! I will continue rooting for those fighting for the falsely accused. Much love to all!

  8. sandra bittner

    Prays my brother is wrongfully convicted but my mom passed before he could be found not guilty she stood by him we all do happy mother’s day to your mom glad you were freed

    • Starlyn Harvey

      It’s NOTHING like a mother’s LOVE. I am so happy for you guys. To Everyone who has a love one in jail for wrongful conviction, keep PRAYING and Fighting. Go to your State Rep, City Council, join community groups, go to the media to put your story out their. Write to celeberties for resources, and have rally. God Bless

  9. Victoria Stevans

    My son too was convicted of a crime he did not commit. He served 4 years.
    Having a violent felony conviction restricts a person for many job opportunities. Most pay for that conviction the rest of their lives and has nothing to do with time served.
    Yes, much more work is needed.

    Wishing all the Mom’s out there and especially you Rosie…a Very Happy Mother’s Day!


  10. Tara Chung

    That is more than a mother; that’s the true definition of a best friend. I’m so happy your son is free! I’m so sad that so many years of potential were wasted in prison. Good luck Lamonte and happy mother’s day to you Rosie! Love to you both ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Donna English

    Wow, God Bless your Mom! I am so happy for you both, this just put tears in my eyes! I am the same as your Mom, I’ve been fighting for my innocent son for 11 yrs now. Went thru all the Appeals process levels only to constantly get back denial after denial. Of course only in Florida does that buddy system seems to be everywhere, and my sons case should have been won on the first Appeal since there were 14 Grounds accepted to be heard, solid proof, but to no avail! I guess when your Public Defender is accused of “ineffective counsel” then becomes a JUDGE, then has to appear at the Evidentrary Hearing, you could smell the buddy system brewing! It really blew my mind when the JUDGE presiding over the case announces he’s taking a break and is going to speak to the Judge accused, just over some things not having anything to do with the case, and asks if we would mind!!! Talk about crookedness, and our Attorneys said “ok”!! Who does this kind of crap……gives you an idea of this Appealette process, doomed from the get go! Well, I had my son apply at the Innoce Project

  12. nikita josephine

    i am so sorry to hear these same stories over and over. it must be heartbreaking to these families. we must make serious changes so this doesn’t keep happening and we need to work on freeing more innocent people quickly, this has gone on way too long…

  13. Hellen Sims

    Dear Rosie,
    Your struggle was so real and so very worth it: FREEDOM for you beloved son. So sorry it had to pay such a high price for was was really injustice at its worst.
    God Bless you and your family…you deserve it and so does your son.

  14. Lerisa Odom

    Ms. Rosie you are truly an amazing mother ,your devotion is everything a mothers should be..I’m sadden that you had to wait so long to hold your son … you are truly a god.fearing women may you continue to stay blessed..
    Happy mothers day

  15. Suzanne Chadwick

    God bless you and your mother. Thank you for sharing your story. This is why I give! I wept as I read this and pray that you and your mother will never know pain again.

  16. Roger Nehring

    What a powerful and inspiring story of a mother’s love. I am so moved by such devotion.

  17. Imran Shahbaz

    Glad you are home. I was accused at 16 and charged with adult armed robbery. I was misidentified by a supposed “victim”. Looking back, I think I could have beat it but I pleaded guilty because I was worried they’d find me guilty at a trial. I took the 3 years probation but now I’m a convicted felon that never committed a felony.

  18. Tina Church

    Besides God’s love their is no greater bond then a mother and her child. I stand in the front lines everyday fighting against wrongful convictions, so I am MORE then happy to join in your celebration of Freedom!

  19. Chris K

    God bless you both! It brought tears to my eyes to hear your story – but also to see such a beautiful picture of you both together again. Thank you for sharing your story. You are making a difference in this world – more than most.

  20. Terry Bevill

    Happy Mother’s Day Ms. Rosie! God Bless You May the Lord continue to Bless You and Your Son Lamonte. Sorry You both had to go through all those trials and tribulations.

  21. Robert Scharpf

    Dear Rosie and Lamonte,

    I’m 73 years old, and for half a century I have felt that freedom is my most precious possession. I retired at age 48 and adjusted my standard of living downward just so I could do what I wanted to do instead of what someone else wanted me to do, and I have not regretted a moment of doing without things because I couldn’t afford them. I had my freedom; that was worth more than the biggest house, the fanciest car, the heaviest bling, all put together.

    Lamonte, I can’t imagine how you must have felt and what you must have gone through for 23 years. The feelings of hopelessness must have been overwhelming. But Rosie, you were there for him for those 23 years, probably working to try to keep his chin up, trying to dispel his hopelessness, fighting to get him back on the outside. I commend you both for your perseverance, for your hard work and determination, for having faith in Centurion and the Innocence Project, despite the days, weeks, months, and years of no change, no good news, no justice. It is for you that the Innocence Project was founded. It is for you that the Innocence Project’s staff challenges the roadblocks that misguided people place in your path. And it is for you that I contribute to the Innocence Project. I could not bear to spend one day, let alone 23 years, in prison. But you did, Lamonte, and it distresses me terribly. However, I feel a little warm and fuzzy that my contributions played some small role in buying your freedom.

    Enjoy your freedom, Lamonte and Rosie. My the rest of your lives be filled with joy, laughter, and love, and above all, freedom.

    Note to Donna English: Keep the faith. Rosie, Lamonte, and the Innocence Project are proof that not all is lost and good things can happen. I wish you all the best.

    Most sincerely,
    Robert Scharpf

  22. Jeannette Lightell Clarke-Player

    This most beautiful story I heard in long time, Happy Mother’s Day, mam, I am currently going to school for criminal Justice and my goals is to help ur son and others as female as well to be free, we gotta make a change, you remember the song by Sam Cooke
    A change is gonna Come , listen to those words, cuz it to change keep praying daily cuz that main source to keep our brothers and sista out of jail, my determination is to bring peace and freedom to my ppl, you my brother, so proud and happy that u are on the road to freedom, keep the up stairs and thank him everyday 24/7 , glad u home my brother, mom have a wonderful weekend of mother days and continue to pray for safety and security, amen

  23. Ande Kobek

    Dear Lamonte & your most wonderful Mother Rosie, I’m sorry for the time that was taken away from you, I’m sorry for the injustice & the inhumanity shown you. I am not surprised what your Mother did because our children are everything. Many blessings to you both. Peace, Love & light. Best, Ande Kobek Olympia WA

  24. Nancy Kuykendall

    Yes. From what I have seen of trials, it seems like more of a win/lose sport. The prosecutor often seems to have a large advantage, and many people do assume that if a person is accused, then that person must be guilty. And the people who have clearly lied are not held accountable, especially if it is police testimony.

  25. Rachel Santos

    Happy Mother’s day to you and I’m so happy for your son. I to have a loved one wrongfully incarcerated and we even have DNA that excludes him as being the perpetrator of the crime. He has been in prison for twenty years and it’s heartbreaking. I’m doing everything I can and so is he but to get somebody or the courts to hear us without someone who has a legal backing to help is really so discouraging. I WILL NOT GIVE UP THOUGH. OUR DAY WILL COME. Your story is an inspiration to all. I’d love to get some tips from you but for now have a great mother’s day. Love and prayers to you
    Rachel Santos

  26. John Dwyer


  27. Vickie Fetterman

    What a beautiful tribute! It touches my heart deeply as I too am a mom that cannot give up.
    This inspires me once again to never give up!
    Thank you for a heartfelt tribute to a deserving lady and organizations that choose truth over dollars!

  28. parma angelo

    Wow! Mom hero!!!!! So glad you are free!!

  29. Linda Short

    God bless mothers who love their sons! Is there anything like a mother’s love? I am so sorry you were in prison for something you did not do.

  30. Mike Adams

    Lamonte is blessed is so many ways but I think God gave him a special blessing by giving him Rosie. She never surrendered to the hardships and blockaides thrown in her path while Lamonte was incarcerated which demonstrates just how dedicated and loving Rosie really is. Everyday she put one foot in front of the other and at the end of that march she, and Lamonte, found the glorious bright light of FREEDOM.

    Peace and love,


  31. Arthur Kennedy

    Thanks, Mom !


    You are blessed Lamonte. Thank God for your precious mother and bless her. How horrible it must have been for you and for your mom. I am so happy that you are finally free. Enjoy every moment with your sweet mother. Please know how sorry I am that this happened to you. That is just not enough to say but all I know that I can say to you. We must never forget all of those that are still in prison for crimes they did not commit. Enjoy your freedom. Thank you for sharing your story.

  33. Richard Powell

    I can’t believe how long it takes to get justice for Lamonte. Thanks to his mother’s devotion to the point of daily sacrifice and never giving up on him.

  34. M. W.

    Thank you, Ms. Rosie McIntyre, Lamonte McIntyre’s mother. You have shown what a devoted mother would, could, and should do for her child. You are to be highly commended for keeping the faith and for ensuring that your child would be returned to society mentally whole. You have become an example of faithfulness and courage that is important for other mothers and/or fathers, as well as other family members to grasp and hold on to, while they pray for the guidance from the Living God of the Universe.
    We do not know why sometimes we are allowed to undergo such trials in life. I join so many others who are extremely saddened that this horrible circumstance has befallen your life. But do not dismay. All is not lost. You will be restored. Your life will be a lesson of hope to others.
    But rest assured that when Joy finally “comes in the Morning”, the jubilant cry shall be shared far and wide around the city, the country and the world. Peace and joy to you my brother, my mother, and my family in Christ. May you all receive your rewards for your faithfulness in this lifetime as well as in the next.
    Many people’s lives will be saved by your example and your resilience. May Love and Success befall you and remain with you the rest of your days. Continue to go through life with God. I beseech His blessings upon you all from this day forward. You all certainly deserve it.

  35. Carol Ann

    A Moms love for her children is a force to be reckoned with and is akin to being the 8 wonders of the world. This story is a perfect example of that love which is One that can move mountains. It is wonderful to read about a Son who recognizes the power of his mothers Love. Both Mother and Son are examples of Gods love. I wish both much prosperity and continued happiness in their years together. As to injustice – a Mother will continue to fight for what’s right when no one else will. Many Blessing you both.

  36. Johnny Saavedra

    The moment the USA starts putting prosecutors before FIRING SQUADS is the moment when this PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT BS will stop. I salute the mother but losing 24 years of your life unjustly is really F#%$ UP.

  37. Dolores Owen

    Rosie and Lamonte,

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Rosie! I know this day will be especially sweet for you both. Lamonte, your being released gives other hope. Bless you and your mother. Very happy for you both!

    Loving Blessings,
    Dolores Owen

  38. Verinda Birdsong

    Hallelujah and praise the Lord!
    thank you Jesus what a victory God is a God of Justice and Victory. And he loves the prisoner and he really loves the prisoner who has been wrongly convicted because Jesus was wrongly convicted for our sins. But glory to God his resurrection was a glorious moment of Triumph when he got up from the grave and as he got up from the grave he is still raising people up from the dead from the deadness of situations that are impossible. My God is the god of the impossible. I just want to salute all mothers and I want to salute you Miss Rosie and I want to salute you for standing by your child who is now a handsome grown man who survived the system of Injustice that has existed for years against people even citizens of this country. I want to thank God for you’re never going to quit attitude and I want to thank God for you lamotte for trusting and Justice and victory and I pray your trust was in the Lord who surely delivered you from the prison house. I am praying for Total Restoration of the years that you and your mother may have thought were lost God can redeem the years that were lost and he can give you a glorious future in this world and especially in his kingdom. I am praying for restored finances and skills and relationships and wholeness and every area of your lives that God may continue to be glorified and this great victory for your freedom. Thanking God for who he is and thanking God for you Miss Rosie and thanking God for you. I’m shouting Hallelujah.

  39. Brian Smith

    To Lamont and Rosie,

    You two are what Black love is all about. The spirit of never giving up. We as a people are deeply rooted. Thanks for sharing your story. I am a descendant of one of the first freed slaves, Denmark Vesey. He was my great grandfather six times. I also, have two cousins who were wrongfully convicted of a triple homicide. Dennis Vesey and Dameko Vesey. Hopefully, one day, they too will be free!!!!

  40. Samantha Fairchild

    I just have no words
    Bless you both

  41. Jimmy Spice Curry


    If the sun sets,
    The moon’s lit to glow,
    If the dreams die,
    The hopes never flow.

    As the dusk turns,
    The dawn’s up for time,
    Innocence is lost,
    When justice is not blind.

    If the moon dies,
    Her heart can’t flow,
    Lost in the confusion,
    Iron bars grow.

    Society destroys the environment,
    And human lives lost,
    Oh the large ships and industries,
    But oh at what a cost?

    The few that escape the madness,
    Are a cause for celebration,
    Yet the real joys must come,
    With prison industrial complex obliteration.

    Yet so many moons won’t shine,
    Sunrises never to never kiss the stars,
    Most heartbeats will die without love,
    Crying behind lonely walls …and cold hard bars.

    by: Jimmy Spice Curry
    (c) 2018

  42. Geri Marshall


  43. Yvette Cruz

    Now this is real Life Victory. May your mom continue to shine for the rest of us Mothers Wife’s aunts Sisters that have a family member in jail for a very long time. Persistence Resistance and the Lord Jesus Christ help those in need of #Freedom I personally have my husband who is sentenced to 50 to life. I fell in love with his determination until the death of him to get his Freedom. Thank you for sharing. My heart is humbled and honored. God Bless You both. Yvette and Joseph

  44. Wanda Berry

    You are such an incredible person. I understand your struggle and how it took you from day one to now. We as mothers have to reach down deep inside and pull that strength out, when something happens to one of our children. I applaud you for standing by your son no matter how others felt.(That’s what I’m doing) . Continued blessings for you an your son.

    Have a blessed Mothers Day and the days and years to folllow

  45. Christine Vaillancourt

    What an amazing mom you are, Rosie! Lamonte, I am so happy you are free now. I hope you got some compensation from the state who falsely incarcerated you.

  46. Brittany G

    What a remarkable woman, and a true testament to a mother’s undying and unconditional love. God Bless you both!

  47. Ebonie Camp

    This story is so heartfelt the love of a mother never goes unnoticed. Thank God for your sane heart and mind that you didn’t let what you was going thru break you.God bless you and your mother

  48. Kathleen Hogg

    I cannot even imagine the struggle for both of you. It is a testament to the strength and determination of the human spirit.

    A wonderful tribute to a mothers love and the appreciation of a loving son.

    I am thrilled that you have been set free, but so very sorry that this happened to you in the first place. It is not even fathomable, what you have been through.

    I wish you a Happy Mothers Day, the first one you have been able to spend together!! Enjoy

  49. Elissa Snyder

    Dear Rosie and Lamonte,
    Thank you for your humanity. Thank you for the light of your grace found in the hope you maintained. Thank you for inspiring me in this moment to strengthen mine own. Happy Mother’s Day Rosie. So much love sent to you both.

  50. Susan Kibbey

    Thank God for the Innocence Project!

  51. Dana Wimmer

    Happy Mothers day Rosie. Thankful your son is free! Your story makes me sad but brings hope. God bless you both!

  52. Shadiah Shamsid-Deen

    Happy Mother’s Day Rosie. I honor you sister.

  53. Solveig Nielsen

    Thank you, Mom. You seem to be the kind of Mom who is like everyone’s Mom, like a Universal Mother of everyone’s child. May we all be like that towards everyone we meet. Thanks for your example, and for your unwavering love and determination to help freeing your son. Blessings to both you you for the rest of your lives. Love <3 from Denmark

  54. Lydia Cross

    The incredible love you have as a mother is so inspiring and transparent. You’re faith in God I know has kept you strong, even when the days turned into years…. reminds me of the story of Joseph from the bible.

  55. Brenda Schumacher

    SO thrilled you’re finally out Lamonte and Happy Mothers Day Rosie!! Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking story and thank you Innocence Project for all your hard work and dedication!

  56. kathleen hopkins

    You are a REAL mother, who is there for her son. I supported mine while he was incarcerated, showing up sick, unable to walk, and broke. Somehow I made it out there for him. He was not spending decades out there and I am very thankful for that. Innocence Project is SO IMPORTANT and I am SO GLAD AND HAPPY to see the two of you together at last! Thank you for setting a strong example of how to be there for our children! Happy HAPPY mother’s day!

  57. Nicki Ittner

    Sending lots of love to you guys. <3

  58. Siobhan McConville

    Happy Mother’s day Rosie..
    Brendan McConville was wrongfully convicted of murder in 2009 in the North of Ireland. Brendan and his co-accused were convicted under joint enterprise when a police officer was shot. Brendan was sentenced on an alledged eye witness statement,who did not come forward for 11 months and received £50,000 from The Sun newspaper, in court medical experts said that it was impossible to see Brendan from the distance he says he saw him. The trial was held with no Jury and only one judge who said he couldn’t say what part Brendan played in the killing. A fingerprint was found on the gun that didn’t match Brendan or his co-accused. He was sentenced to 25 year’s in prison. After reading all the facts I could not believe that this man was convicted, I started writing to him and eventually visited him on a regular basis. We were married in the prison in 2016. Brendan has 2 year’s left for his degree in Criminology and Psychology and I now head his campaign for Justice. His case is currently under review by the CCRC (criminal case review commission).
    Brendan and I hold on to hope and faith the truth will release him. Reading your story gives me strength and inspiration.
    Good luck for the future, cherish each other and your freedom.
    Hopefully my husband will win his liberty.
    #Justice For The Craigavon Two (#JFTC2)
    God bless you both
    Siobhán McConville

  59. Shari Draayer

    First, Lamonte, I am so sorry for what happened to you!!! Second, Rosie, you are a hero! Not just for Lamonte – although that would be enough – you are a hero for everyone who wants to love mercy and do justice. You are a model for not giving up. I know your battle was endless while you were going through it, but you have emerged as a bright light, illuminating the way for the rest of us who will fight for so many more, to be freed like your son. May God continue to bless you both with every good thing in heaven and in earth.

    With gratitude for you both,
    Shari Draayer

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