Former Prosecutor Admits Steven Mark Chaney was Wrongfully Convicted

By Innocence Staff

Steven Mark Chaney and Innocence Project Attorneys M. Chris Fabricant (center) and Barry Shack (right) during a hearing in a Dallas courtroom where a court reversed his 1987 murder conviction because of discredited bite mark testimony.ÊPhotographed on Monday, October 12, 2015. (Photo copyright Lara Solt)

Innocence Project client Steven Mark Chaney could soon be officially exonerated of the double-murder for which he served 25 years in prison.

At a hearing on Tuesday, former Dallas County prosecutor Neil Pask testified that Chaney should never have been convicted—or even indicted—for the 1987 murders. Pask testified that he had been wrongly swayed by the bite mark evidence—which has since been proven to be highly unreliable—presented at trial.

Chaney was released last October when a court reversed his conviction. Several months later, in response to Chaney’s wrongful conviction case and an official complaint filed by the Innocence Project, the Texas Forensic Science Commission recommended a ban of the use of bite mark evidence in criminal trials unless and until the method can be scientifically validated.

Julie Lesser, one of the attorneys representing Chaney with the Innocence Project told the Dallas Morning News, “It sounded like he got off on a technicality. He wants his name cleared.”

The case will soon be forwarded to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Lesser told the Dallas Morning News that she expects they will side with the district attorney and declare Chaney innocent.

Read the Dallas Morning News story here.

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  1. Jim

    Neil Pask needs to pay for what he did. He should be the one rotting away in prison

    • Rea

      Um, I guess the judge who allowed the bite mark evidence in should be rotting away in prison too? And the jury for believing the forensic expert who testified that the bite mark’s matched – they should be rotting away too? The reason prosecutors present expert witness testimony and judges let it in is because that witness is the expert, not lawyers or jurors – should we get rid of all expert testimony? We would not be able to hold criminals accountable if we did.

  2. Julie

    Absolutely LOVE it! Great pic! That is a look of pure joy!

  3. S W

    How wonderful for this person and his family!! Anyone got contact info for the person responsible for this overturn, have a son in Miss wronged after 26 years, because of sheriffs mishandling case and seems noone is strong or brave enough to take on Miss former prosecutor!! Want my son home before I pass away!! HELP!!

    • Kandie Rosales

      Call the Innocence Project in San Diego, CA: 619-515-1527. They will be able to give you directions to the Innocent Project closest to your area and other information.

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