Stand up for the innocent and protect against false confessions in Florida

Stand up for the innocent and protect against false confessions in Florida

Will you contact your State Senators and ask them to support Senate Bill 204? Call 863-588-7136 and we will connect you.

Former police officers in Biscayne Park, a suburb north of Miami, were recently charged with framing innocent African Americans to boost the department’s crime-solving record. One of the officers admitted to fabricating confessions from two innocent men, which you can read more about here.

In Broward County, Anthony Caravella spent 26 years in prison for a rape and murder he did not commit until DNA proved his innocence. Caravella, an intellectually disabled teenager, falsely confessed to the crime after enduring five days of physical and mental abuse by detectives.

These innocent Floridians could have been protected if the state had a law requiring officers to record suspect interrogations–a critical safeguard against wrongful convictions stemming from false confessions.

Nationally, 24 states and federal law enforcement agencies already require the practice. While many Florida agencies voluntarily record interrogations, there is no mandate or legal consequence if the officer chooses not to record.

Please join the fight to prevent wrongful convictions by filling in the form above and we will connect you to your State Senator to ask for their support of SB 204/HB 1029 to require the recording of interrogations in Florida.

Photo: Anthony Caravella with his lawyer Amy Beth Bennett, Sun Sentinel.

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