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Chat With Exoneree Fernando Bermudez

In 1992, Fernando Bermudez was convicted of shooting a teenager outside of a New York City night club. 

Eyewitness misidentification played a big role in his conviction and after 18 years in prison, the conviction was tossed in 2009. 

“This court wishes to express its profound regret over the past 18 years. I hope for you a better future,” New York Supreme Court Justice John Cataldo said.

Bermudez reached a $4.5 million wrongful conviction settlement with New York in 2015 and most recently inspired a play “

Pedro Castillo is Innocent”

by Claude Solnik playing Feb. 4 – Feb. 14 in New York City. 

Bermudez will be taking your questions Thursday, Feb. 4 on our


 page. Get started by leaving your questions in the comments below!

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