This Black History Month, stand with us against racial bias

This Black History Month, we’re standing up and speaking out about racial bias and inequality in the American criminal justice system. The Innocence Project is committed to addressing the structural racism upon which the criminal justice system is built and the racial disparity with which it continues to operate. Are you with us?


Sign the pledge today and commit to taking at least one of the actions below this month:


– Share this pledge on social media.

– Get 5 of your friends to sign the pledge.

– Pay attention to who your local district attorney is and vote in the upcoming election.

– Reach out to your local district attorney and ask how they are combating racial bias in the system.

– Share a statistic below on the disparity of race and innocence on social media:

FACT: 62% of the 353 people exonerated by DNA are black men according to @innocence. More info:

FACT: 70% of DNA cases involved eyewitness misidentification, of these cases 41% were a cross-racial misidentification, according to @innocence. More info:

FACT: 88% of DNA exonerees arrested as minors are black and the majority were tried as adults, according to @innocence. More info:



(Photo of Jarrett Adams at a rally outside of New York City Hall in 2016. Photo by Sameer Abdel-Khalek).