Adnan Syed of Serial Seeks Release on Bail

By Innocence Staff

High school photo of Adnan Sayed, the focus of the hit podcast Serial

In June, a Baltimore City Circuit Court overturned the conviction of Adnan Syed based, in part, on ineffective council at trial. Syed was found guilty in 2000 of murdering his high school ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, the year prior. On Monday, Syed’s attorneys filed a motion to have him released on bail while he awaits a retrial, according to the New York Times.

Syed has been in prison for 17 years. He’s serving a life sentence for Lee’s murder. But Syed’s attorneys claim that the 35-year-old was wrongly convicted based, at least in part, on erroneous testimony by an expert, whom his attorney failed to cross examine, according to the Times.

Many people developed doubts around Syed’s conviction and questions about the murder investigation after his case was detailed and popularized in 2014 on the podcast Serial.  Most recently, his case was retold in the book, Adnan’s Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial by attorney and writer Rabia Chaudry. (The Innocence Blog featured an interview with Chaudry upon the release of the book in August.)

One of Syed’s attorneys, C. Justin Brown, said to the New York Times: “There’s a tendency to sensationalize this story and view it as a piece of entertainment . . . . But I’m always brought down to earth by the fact that Adnan has now spent 17 years in prison, and every day in prison is miserable.”

Syed and his attorneys now await to hear whether the motion for release will be granted. According to the Times, a spokesperson for the attorney general’s office in Maryland said that the motion had not yet been received.


  1. The Truth

    I still think he is guilty. I read the book and listened to the podcast series. after hearing all the facts, he doesn’t deserve bail. he should continue his full sentence

    • The Reason

      How interesting that you would come to the innocence project site, call yourself “The Truth” and decide that this case of all cases is just fine and he should never get out. I know facts are not relevant to people’s opinion but a quick reminder that his conviction has been vacated so under the law he is not a convicted murderer and he is back to the pre-trial status of innocent until proven guilty. So the state will have to either try the case again or let him go. I would love to see this case go to trial in front of the world. I would love to see them drag their sorry excuse of a witness Jay Wilds back on the stand and watch him implode in his endless sea of lies. Their coveted cell tower evidence has been destroyed by Judge Welsh and by the state’s own testifying expert. Their timeline further decimated by the lividity evidence. The State is finished and they’re doing what just about every one of these DA and Prosecutor’s offices do when their beloved conviction is found to be unjust. They push forward as if nothing has changed and act like the slimey things they do cannot possibly be viewed in a negative light because everything they do is correct and unimpeachable.

    • The Truth

      All I have to say is that Jay’s story was changing way too many time while Andnan’s stayed the same throughout the whole process. How is it fair to commit someone for a lifetime to jail when you have a guy changing the original story multiple times and a guy who always claimed the same information.

      • Skippy babe

        I believe aspects of Adnan’s story have shifted. He originally told police that he asked Hae for a ride. He has since claimed that he did not ask Hae for a ride and would have had no reason to do so.

    • c

      I don’t see how anyone could say that after listening to the Undisclosed podcast

  2. Tiffany

    I am fully convinced after listening to the “Serial” podcast that Mr. Syed is innocent. The facts just don’t add up… In my personal opinion, authorities should have been taking a closer look at Jay Wilds. It’s such a shame that Adnan sat in prison for so long.

  3. Brinda

    I am concerned that Adnan is still in prison and not at home. There is no excuse not to release him while the prosecutors look at their case or lack of case and decide about a retrial. What about who really killed Hae and the truth- does that not matter? I am surprised that even now Don’s alibi is not being reviewed.

  4. Lola

    Is it true that Adnan did not consent to having the DNA tested? If so, wouldn’t this seem to support the idea that he may be guilty and that the DNA would prove it in a subsequent trial? Thx.

  5. Friend of forensics

    No, he definitely consented, multiple times – on serial.

  6. Prosecutor

    If Adnan is eventually acquitted he is going to have grounds to sue for either incompetence leading to a miscarriage of justice (against the PII of his first lawyer) or the State for holding him after the first verdict was set aside (the State). Certainly against the State. He has committed no proven crime and is not a danger to society or a flee risk.

  7. Me

    I cant say he is guilty or not guility. I do agree they should charge him bast on Jay’s story. For the reason his story is always chnaging.

  8. A Jackson

    Best of luck with this case. It seems there has been a miscarriage of justice. I am a mum
    Of a young man and I know all too well how easily they could be railroaded by the law. Also they are idiots they don’t do sophisticated crime. It seems odd that Jay didn’t have a lawyer with him
    When he was being interviewed by police. Something fishy about the whole scenario definitely

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