2019 NY discovery reform in New York

Speak up for meaningful discovery in New York

New York has one of the worst discovery laws in the U.S., let’s change that 

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Contact your state assembly member and state senator today and urge them to co-sponsor the bill that would bring meaningful discovery reform to New York State.

Over 250 people in New York have been exonerated of crimes they didn’t commit. One such reform that can help prevent wrongful convictions is enacting stronger discovery laws. New York has one of the four worst discovery statues in the country where prosecutors routinely fail to provide defense attorneys with a vast array of evidence until a trial actually begins, significantly hindering their ability to properly advise their clients and develop an effective case.

While district attorneys argue that maintaining these restrictive discovery rules is the only way to protect witnesses and ensure that victims will report crimes, 35 states – including Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey and Florida – have open discovery rules that require prosecutors to turn over police reports, names of witnesses and witness statements much earlier in the process. Prosecutors in these states support the laws because they are fairer and more efficient.

We are thrilled that the Governor has included discovery reform in his budget proposal. Additionally, Senator Jamaal Bailey and Assemblymember Joe Lentol have introduced legislation that will finally change New York’s grossly outdated discovery laws. Call your Assemblymember and State Senator and urge them to co-sponsor S.1716/A.1431 today so we can finally bring discovery reform to New York State and repeal the blindfold law.

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