200 Exonerated, Too Many Wrongfully Convicted

On April 23, 2007, Jerry Miller of Chicago became the 200th person to be exonerated by DNA testing in the United States. For the month following Miller’s exoneration, the Innocence Project held a campaign to raise awareness nationwide that the lessons of wrongful conviction can lead to reforms preventing future injustice. Download a copy of our special report of the first 200 exonerees . (PDF)

Below is a list of selected media coverage on the campaign:

News Stories

Chicago Tribune: Cleared by DNA after 26 years (4/22/07 – Free Registration Required)

USA Today: DNA to clear 200th person (4/22/07)

DNA should clear man who served 25 years (4/22/07)

Associated Press National: DNA clears 200th wrongfully convicted (4/23/07)

DNA exonerates man who served 25 years (4/23/07)

Newark Star-Ledger: DNA tests rescue 200 wrongly convicted (4/9/07)

Cleveland Plain Dealer: DNA Changes Criminal Justice (4/12/07)

Associated Press National: DNA Exonerates Man Who Served 25 Years (4/23/07)

Chicago Sun-Times: DNA clears man of rape after 25 years in prison (4/22/07) Freed inmate: ‘I want to start a life’ (4/24/07)

Black America Web: Justice Deferred, Not Denied — DNA Proof Clears 200th Victim of Wrongful Rape Conviction (4/23/07)

Washington Examiner: DNA Exonerations Reach 200, and Nearly 2 Decades of Questions (4/23/07)

Detroit Free Press: Jailed 25 Years, He Just Wants a Life (4/24/07)

Dallas Morning News: Senate endorses innocence panel; Bill seeks to investigate, try to prevent wrongful convictions (4/24/07)

Memphis Commercial Appeal: DNA milestone: Chicago man is 200th in U.S. freed by evidence (4/24/07)

Agence France Presse: Miscarriage of justice victim has no grudges (4/28/07)

Washington Post: Exonerations Change How Justice System Builds a Prosecution (5/3/07)

New York Times Week In Review: The DNA 200 (5/20/07)

The London Times: 201 wrongful convictions are tip of the iceberg (5/23/07)


National Public Radio:

Exonerated by DNA, Jerry Miller Speaks Out (4/22/07)

Barry Scheck on Race, the Courts and DNA (4/24/07)

DNA Evidence Frees 200th American Prisoner (4/24/07)

Dallas DA reviews possible wrongful convictions (5/1/07)

To The Point: The Conviction of Innocents


CBS 2 Chicago: Judge clears man wrongly convicted of rape (4/23/07)

ABC 7 Chicago: DNA leads judge to clear convictions of man who served 25 years (4/23/07)

TV 3 New Zealand, featuring a CBS News Report: DNA clears 200th prisoner of past conviction (4/23/07)

CBS News: Learn more: The Innocence Project (4/23/07)

CBS News: Eye to Eye interview with Barry Scheck (4/24/07)

Court TV: Barry Scheck on Court TV’s Best Defense (4/24/07)

ABC News: Slideshow: 200 Exonerated (4/27/07)

PBS: Bill Moyers Journal: Jerry Miller Interview (5/6/07)

Editorials & Columns

Hartford Courant: Injustice Heaped on Black Men (4/7/07)

Newark Star-Ledger: A lifeline for the innocent (4/11/07)

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Duke result lacks decent reaction (4/15/07)

Daytona Beach News-Journal: Innocents under lock: DNA tests but one step to freeing them (4/22/07)

NJ Star-Ledger: Justice System Fails the Innocent (4/23/07)

Arizona Republic: DNA Exonerations Underline Mistakes (4/24/07 – Free Registration Required)

Philadelphia Daily News: Another ‘Guilty’ Man is Cleared (4/24/07)

Chicago Tribune: Clarence Page: The 200th Reason to test DNA (4/25/07 – Free Registration Required)

San Antonio Express-News: Rebeca Chapa: Panel can help state avoid fatal injustice (4/25/07)

Philadelphia Inquirer: Criminal Justice Failures (4/25/07)

Huntsville Times: David Person: Innocence, guilt and the real world (4/27/07)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Gregory Stanford: Too often, justice is denied (4/28/07)

Las Vegas Sun: Guilty or Innocent, We can often know for sure (4/30/07)

Syndicated: Marie Cocco: Innocence in need of champions (4/30/07)

NY Newsday: Misidentification Ramifications (4/30/07)

St. Paul Pioneer Press: Ruben Rosario: One more employee at AG office needs to go (4/30/07)

San Diego Union Tribune: Free the innocent: State should act in questionable DNA cases (5/2/07)


Huffington Post: On the 200th Exoneration in the U.S, by Innocence Project Co-Director Barry Scheck (4/22/07)

Drum Major Institute: DMI Blog: 200th Wrongful Conviction Proven by DNA, by Innocence Project Staff Attorney / Mayer Brown Eyewitness Fellow Zeke Edwards (4/24/07)

PBS: Bill Moyers Journal: Learning the Lessons of Wrongful Convictions, by Innocence Project Co-Director Barry Scheck (5/3/07)

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