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Below are links to the Innocence Project's annual reports, magazine, publications and research reports.

Annual Reports

2010 Annual Report: an overview of our work -- from our founding principles to the thousands of cases we evaluate each year to recent exonerations and policy reforms. Visit the annual report page.

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2009 Annual Report

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2005 Annual Report

Innocence Project Magazine

Innocence Project in Print — Summer 2011: With articles on prosecutorial misconduct, false confessions and a Virginia man's three-decade fight for justice. Read more.

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Summer 2009

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250 Exonerated, Too Many Wrongfully Convicted: A special report on the first 250 DNA exonerations in the United States. Read more.

More Reports:

Exoneree Compensation: "Making up for Lost Time: What the Wrongfully Convicted Endure and How to Provide Fair Compensation"

Eyewitness Identification: "Reevaluating Lineups: Why Witnesses Make Mistakes and How to Reduce the Chance of a Misidentification"

Forensic Oversight: "Investigating Forensic Problems in the United States"

New York Reforms: Lessons Not Learned: NY Leads in the Number of Wrongful Convictions but Lags in Reforms That Can Prevent Them

200 Exonerated, Too Many Wrongfully Convicted

Research Reports

Prosecutorial Misconduct and Wrongful Convictions: Court Findings of Prosecutorial Misconduct Claims in Post-Conviction Appeals and Civil Suits Among the First 255 DNA Exoneration Cases

Ineffective Assistance and Wrongful Convictions: Court Findings of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Claims in Post-Conviction Appeals Among the First 255 DNA Exoneration Cases