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4/29/2008 - As 18th Person is Freed Based on DNA in Dallas, Summit on Wrongful Convictions in Texas Is Set for May 8

4/15/2008 - 23 Years After Improper Photo Lineup Led to Wrongful Conviction, DNA Proves Thomas McGowan’s Innocence in Dallas County Rape

3/5/2008 - Innocence Project Issues Formal Records Requests To Determine How Much Hayne Uses State Labs for Autopsy Misconduct

2/15/2008 - Two Innocent Men Cleared Today in Separate Murder Cases in Mississippi, 15 Years after Wrongful Convictions

2/8/2008 - Evidence Proves that Innocent Men Were Wrongfully Convicted in Two Mississippi Murder Cases; Hearing Set for Friday

1/18/2008 - Inspector General Issues ‘Strong Indictment’ of Federal Forensic Oversight

1/14/2008 - After 26 Years, DNA Testing Exonerates Rickie Johnson in Sabine Parish, Louisiana, Rape; Johnson Will be Released Today and Speak at a Press Conference in Baton Rouge Tuesday

12/20/2007 - Six Men Sentenced To Die - but Later Exonerated by DNA - Urge Gov. Riley to Order DNA Testing for Thomas Arthur

12/6/2007 - Innocence Project Calls on Governor to Order DNA Testing in Alabama Execution Case Halted by U.S. Supreme Court

12/4/2007 - Prosecutor Dismisses Case Against Chad Heins Based on DNA Evidence, Exonerating Him in 1994 Florida Murder

10/19/2007 - UPDATE: Dallas judge approves vacating Clay Chabot’s sentence, sets bail hearing for Oct. 26

10/18/2007 - New York Leads Most States in Number of Wrongful Convictions, But Lags Behind in Reforms to Prevent Them, New Innocence Project Report Finds

10/18/2007 - Clay Chabot’s 1986 Dallas Murder Conviction Is Expected to Be Vacated at Hearing Friday Morning Based on DNA Results

10/3/2007 - DNA Testing Proves that Houston Man Was Wrongfully Convicted of Rape in 1995; Case Highlights Serious HPD Crime Lab Problems

9/27/2007 - Alabama Governor’s 45-Day Stay of Execution for Thomas Arthur Should Immediately Lead to DNA Testing, Innocence Project Says

9/19/2007 - Alabama Governor Refuses to Hear How DNA Testing Could Impact Case Set for Execution Next Week

9/10/2007 - Texas Judge Blocks State from Destroying Evidence that May Show Whether Man Was Wrongfully Executed

9/7/2007 - DNA Tests May Show Whether Texas Man Was Wrongfully Executed; Legal Motions Filed to Hold Evidence for Testing

9/5/2007 - Nebraska Supreme Court to Hear Arguments Thursday from Two Men Seeking DNA Testing to Prove Their Innocence in 1985 Murder

8/22/2007 - State Appeals Court Grants Archie Williams DNA Testing To Prove His Innocence - 11 Years after He First Asked a Court for Testing

7/9/2007 - Pennsylvania Appeals Court to Hear Arguments Tuesday on Whether Man Convicted of Rape/Murder Can Have DNA Testing

7/9/2007 - Byron Halsey Is Fully Exonerated in New Jersey after DNA Proves His Innocence in 1985 Child Rapes and Murders

7/2/2007 - Westchester DA’s Report on Jeffrey Deskovic’s Wrongful Conviction

5/31/2007 - NY Assembly Reforms on DNA and Criminal Justice Will Address and Prevent Wrongful Convictions, Innocence Project Says

5/15/2007 - After 19 Years in Prison for One of the Most Heinous Crimes in NJ History, Byron Halsey Is Proven Innocent through DNA

5/11/2007 - After 21 Years in Prison - including 16 on Death Row - Curtis McCarty is Exonerated Based on DNA Evidence

5/3/2007 - Sweeping State Legislative Reform Package To Address Wrongful Convictions Introduced in New York

4/23/2007 - In 200th DNA Exoneration Nationwide, Jerry Miller in Chicago Is Proven Innocent 25 Years After Wrongful Conviction

4/20/2007 - Andrew Gossett Is Officially Exonerated by DNA in Dallas County; Full Texas Senate Will Debate Innocence Commission Bill Monday

4/9/2007 - Cleared by DNA 25 Years after Wrongful Conviction in Dallas, James Giles To Join Other Exonerees and Innocence Project at Legislative Hearing on Statewide Reform Tuesday in Austin

3/29/2007 - DNA Proves Antonio Beaver’s Innocence in St. Louis Carjacking, 10 Years After Conviction Based on Victim’s Misidentification

3/9/2007 - James Waller Exonerated through Pardon from Governor; One of 13 Dallas Men Proven Innocent By DNA Testing

3/5/2007 - Proven Innocent by DNA, Roy Brown Is Fully Exonerated

2/20/2007 - Bill to Enhance Public Safety by Improving Accuracy of Eyewitness Identifications Set for West Virginia Senate Committee Hearing Wednesday

1/29/2007 - DNA Proves a Notorious Analyst Engaged in Fraud and Misconduct Leading to Two More Wrongful Convictions, Innocence Project Says

1/23/2007 - Proven Innocent by DNA - and Having Solved the Crime from His Prison Cell - Roy Brown Is Set to Be Released Today

1/23/2007 - Vermont Legislature to Consider Bills to Grant Access to Post-Conviction DNA Testing and Improve Accuracy of Criminal Justice System

1/16/2007 - 12th Dallas County Man in Five Years Is Proven Innocent Through DNA Evidence

12/14/2006 - Ten Years After Chad Heins Was Wrongly Convicted of Murder, Florida Judge Vacates Conviction, Citing New DNA Evidence

12/12/2006 - Assemblyman Gianaris, Innocence Project and Victims of Wrongful Convictions Call for Passage of Innocence Commission

10/31/2006 - Tenth Dallas County Man in Just Five Years Is Proven Innocent Through DNA Evidence; Larry Fuller Set To Be Released Today

10/6/2006 - DNA Proves Scott Fappiano’s Innocence 21 Years After He Was Wrongly Convicted of Rape in Brooklyn

9/20/2006 - DNA Proves Jeffrey Deskovic’s Innocence 16 Years After He Was Wrongly Convicted as a Teenager

7/26/2006 - Study of Year-Long Pilot Project Shows that Key Eyewitness Identification Reforms Are Effective

6/26/2006 - Charges Dropped in Larry Peterson Case After Nearly a Year of Legal Limbo

6/21/2006 - Innocence Project: Legislative Agreement Makes State DNA Database System Bigger, not Better

6/12/2006 - U.S. Supreme Court Reopens Death Row Case Based on DNA Evidence

6/6/2006 - 21 Years After Wrongful Conviction - And After 12 Years Fighting for Access to Evidence - DNA Proves Alan Newton’s Innocence

5/23/2006 - 23 Years After Conviction Based on Eyewitness Misidentification, DNA Proves Orlando Boquete’s Innocence

5/16/2006 - DNA Evidence Exonerates Douglas Warney after a Decade in Prison for a Murder He Did Not Commit

5/2/2006 - Innocence Project Submits Two Arson Cases to Texas Commission and Requests System-Wide Review

5/1/2006 - Innocence Project Says Supreme Court Ruling Is a “Big Victory” for Defendants Trying To Prove Their Innocence and Challenge Flawed Forensic Evidence

1/12/2006 - DNA Results in Coleman Case Finally Reveal the Truth in One Case — but Don’t Answer Serious Doubts about the Fairness of the Criminal Justice System, Innocence Project Says

12/8/2005 - Robert Clark Exonerated by DNA Evidence After 24 Years in Prison

5/6/2005 - Historic Audit of Virginia Crime Lab Errors in Earl Washington Jr.’s Capital Case

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