Innocence Organizations

The Innocence Network

Other Innocence Groups Around the World

Other Organizations Providing Legal Assistance

American Civil Liberties Union - Prisoners’ Assistance Directory

Exoneree Websites

Fernando Bermudez (New York - Exonerated in 2009)

Jeffrey Deskovic (New York - Exonerated in 2006)

Robert Dewey (Colorado - Exonerated in 2012)

Rickie Johnson (Louisiana - Exonerated in 2008)

Brandon Moon (Texas - Exonerated in 2005)

Nick Yarris (Pennsylvania - Exonerated in 2003)

Exonerated Brothers of Texas

- The Exonerated Brothers of Texas was established to foster exonerees’ transition into the community and offer prevention intervention services for at-risk youth.

House of Renewed Hope

- The House of Renewed Hope was developed by exoneree Christopher Scott, who spent 15 years in prison, falsely accused and convicted of murder. Christopher, along with several other exonerees, now volunteer their time to investigate claims of innocence made by incarcerated individuals in Texas.

Criminal Justice Resources - Non-Government Organizations

American Bar Association.- Criminal Justice Section

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Trial Lawyers for Public Justice

The Justice Project - Criminal Justice Reform Organization

Death Penality Information Center

International Association of Chiefs of Police

Criminal Justice Resources - U.S. Government

National Institute of Justice

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Office of Justice Programs

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

Eyewitness Identification Resources - Defense Resource for Litigating Eyewitness Identification Cases

New Jersey Eyewitness ID Protocols

Northampton Police Department ID Protocols

Santa Clara County ID Protocols

DNA Testing and Forensic Science

Combined DNA Index System (CODIS DNA Database)

MITOMAP - A Human Mitochondrial Genome Database