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A wrongfully convicted person is entitled to $80,000 per year of wrongful incarceration, an annuity, as well as $25,000 per year spent on parole or as a registered sex offender. The wrongfully convicted person is also entitled to compensation for child support payments, tuition for up to 120 hours at a career center or public institution of higher learning, reentry and reintegration services, and the opportunity to buy into the Texas State Employee Health Plan. Effective: 2001; Amended most recently: 2011.

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Dallas County Cases Where DNA Has Proven Innocence

DNA Evidence Clears Fort Worth Man Who Served 24 Years for a Sexual Assault He Always Maintained He Didn't Commit

Prosecutorial Oversight Coalition Responds to Texas District and County Attorney Association's report on Prosecutorial Misconduct

Michael Morton: Five Months Out

12th Dallas County Man in Five Years Is Proven Innocent Through DNA Evidence

Tenth Dallas County Man in Just Five Years Is Proven Innocent Through DNA Evidence; Larry Fuller Set To Be Released Today

DNA Exonerations Nationwide

James Waller Exonerated through Pardon from Governor; One of 13 Dallas Men Proven Innocent By DNA Testing

Cleared by DNA 25 Years after Wrongful Conviction in Dallas, James Giles To Join Other Exonerees and Innocence Project at Legislative Hearing on Statewide Reform Tuesday in Austin

DNA Tests May Show Whether Texas Man Was Wrongfully Executed; Legal Motions Filed to Hold Evidence for Testing

DNA Testing Proves that Houston Man Was Wrongfully Convicted of Rape in 1995; Case Highlights Serious HPD Crime Lab Problems

As 18th Person is Freed Based on DNA in Dallas, Summit on Wrongful Convictions in Texas Is Set for May 8

Charges dropped in Texas death row case

25 Years After Wrongful Conviction, Steven Phillips Set To Be Exonerated in Dallas Based on DNA and Other Evidence

Judge's Ruling Clears Deceased Texas Prisoner and Emphasizes Need for Reform

Newly Formed Marshall Project Details New Evidence of Prosecutorial Misconduct Resulting in Likely Wrongful Execution of Cameron Todd Willingham

DNA Testing Proves Houston Man's Innocence in 1985 Rape; Case Highlights Serious Problems with Forensic Science

New Report Shows that Cameron Todd Willingham, Executed in Texas in 2004, Was Innocent

Texas Senate Passes Bill that Would Significantly Weaken Investigations by the Texas Forensic Science Commission

Cornelius Dupree Fully Exonerated After Serving 30 Years For a Dallas Rape and Robbery He Didn't Commit

Supreme Court Rules Texas Inmate Can Use Federal Civil Rights Law to Seek DNA Testing

Innocence Project Asks Texas Court to Officially Exonerate Michael Morton of the 1987 Murder of His Wife

Dallas Man Cleared After Serving Nearly 31 Years For a Rape DNA and Other Evidence Prove He Didn’t Commit

Texas Court Rules There Is Probable Cause to Believe Former District Attorney Violated State Law in Michael Morton Prosecution

Judge Orders Court of Inquiry into Possible Prosecutorial Misconduct That Contributed to Michael Morton's Wrongful Murder Conviction

Cameron Todd Willingham: Posthumous Pardon Filing Documents

Cameron Todd Willingham's Surviving Relatives Petition for Posthumous Pardon 20 Years After Conviction

Texas Man Cleared of 1981 Murder That DNA Proves He Didn't Commit

Innocence Project Seeks DNA Testing For Texas Death Row Inmate Larry Swearingen Who Is Facing A February 27 Execution Date

Innocence Project Co-Director Barry Scheck Responds to Montgomery County District Attorney's Flawed Proposal for DNA Testing for Larry Swearingen

Michael Morton Prosecutor Will Face Criminal Charges for Withholding Evidence

Cameron Todd Willingham's Surviving Relatives, Joined by Exoneree Michael Morton, Request Posthumous Pardon Investigation

Former Williamson County Prosecutor Ken Anderson Enters Plea to Contempt for Misconduct in Michael Morton’s Wrongful Murder Conviction

The Senate Commerce Committee Unanimously Approves Bipartisan Bill to Ensure Forensics Practices Are Based on Best Science

Innocence Project Urges Congress to Pass Justice For All Reauthorization Act of 2013 to Strengthen the Criminal Justice System

Newly Formed Marshall Project Details New Evidence of Prosecutorial Misconduct Resulting in Likely Wrongful Execution of Cameron Todd Willingham

Innocence Project Commends Attorney General Eric Holder for His Efforts to Uncover and Prevent Wrongful Convictions

Senator Rodney Ellis, Exoneree Michael Morton, Innocence Project and Other Lawyers Urge Legislature to Fix Texas' DNA Testing Law

National Academy of Sciences Issues Landmark Report on Memory and Eyewitness Identification

Two Dallas Men Released After Serving 15 Years for a Murder DNA and Other Evidence Proves They Didn't Commit

Compensating The Wrongly Convicted

A life stolen, a long road back

Compensating the Wrongfully Convicted

After Exoneration in Georgia

81% of Exonerated People Who Have Been Compensated Under State Laws Received Less Than the Federal Standard, New Innocence Project Report Shows

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