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Click on the links below to watch Innocence Project video features, including interviews with exonerees. Windows Media Player is required to watch the movies here; PC and Macintosh users can download it here. To watch these videos and more on YouTube, visit the Innocence Project YouTube page. The Innocence Project neither endorses nor recommends the content or opinion offered on other sites.


August 5 Mississippi medical examiner press conference [audio: 17:25]


Louisiana exonerees meet for the first time in 16 years [video: 04:12]


Dennis and Peggy Dance, and John Grisham discusses The Innocent Man [video: 03:07]


New Innocence Project video: Three Texan exonerees tell their stories [video: 04:24]


Dwayne Dail Interview [video: 3:12]


An interview with Illinois exoneree Jerry Miller [video: 03:35]


"It Matters to Me" [video: 01:12]


Innocence Project en Espanol - Entrevista con Chris Ochoa [video: 03:22]

An interview with Virginia exoneree Marvin Anderson [video: 03:41]

An interview with Georgia exoneree Robert Clark [video: 03:29]


An interview with Michigan exoneree Ken Wyniemko [video: 03:24]

An interview with New York exoneree Alan Newton [video: 04:05]

An interview with Texas exoneree Chris Ochoa [video: 04:25]