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Two Ohio Men Declared Innocent of 1988 Murder

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Posted: May 14, 2014   2:26 PM

Two Ohio men were declared innocent of a 1988 murder in a civil proceeding after a judge ruled there was never evidence that proved otherwise. Randy Resh and Bob Gondor maintained their innocence for more than 25 years.   The ruling entitles the men to petition the Ohio Court of Claims for compensation.  
The Akron Beacon Journal reported that retired Summit County Judge Marvin Shapiro said Resh and Gondor were wrongfully convicted of the attempted rape and murder of 31-year-old Connie Nardi but didn’t comment beyond his 18-page decision. In that decision, the judge wrote in  capital letters: “THERE IS NO PHYSICAL OR FORENSIC EVIDENCE OF ANY KIND IN THIS CASE THAT WOULD LINK EITHER OR BOTH PLAINTIFFS TO THE NARDI HOMICIDE.”
The men were convicted based largely on information received from Troy Busta, who is still in prison for the crime. Shapiro noted in his decision that Busta’s testimony was full of inconsistencies and was unreliable. He also found that the timeline from the night of the crime shows the pair could not have committed the crime.
Despite the evidence supporting the men’s innocence, Portage County Prosecutor Victor V. Vigluicci said late Monday afternoon that he doesn’t agree with Shapiro’s findings.
Resh and Gondor are now eligible to go to the Ohio Court of Claims to seek compensation from the state for their wrongful convictions.  
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