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Texas Man Becomes 261st DNA Exoneree in U.S.

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Posted: October 22, 2010   11:26 AM

Texas exoneree Michael Anthony Green was freed from prison on July 30 after spending 27 years behind bars for a rape that DNA tests prove he didn't commit. Now, almost three months later, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals confirms that he is actually innocent. In 1983, Green was misidentified by the victim and sent to prison for 75 years.
"I almost feel like crying from the joy," Green, 45, said. "It's great for the state to acknowledge something I tried to tell them from the get-go."
The wrongful conviction ruling paves the way for Green to receive more than $2 million from the state, according to the Houston Chronicle.  If Green is awarded the money by the end of the year, his attorney said it would be taxed. But if the law is changed next session, his settlement could be retroactive and tax-free.

His attorney plans to seek an official pardon. 

Green is the 261st person exonerated through DNA testing nationwide and the 41st in Texas, which has more than any other state.

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