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Press Releases

Proven Innocent by DNA - and Having Solved the Crime from His Prison Cell - Roy Brown Is Set to Be Released Today
Vermont Legislature to Consider Bills to Grant Access to Post-Conviction DNA Testing and Improve Accuracy of Criminal Justice System
DNA Proves a Notorious Analyst Engaged in Fraud and Misconduct Leading to Two More Wrongful Convictions, Innocence Project Says
Assemblyman Gianaris, Innocence Project and Victims of Wrongful Convictions Call for Passage of Innocence Commission
12th Dallas County Man in Five Years Is Proven Innocent Through DNA Evidence
Ten Years After Chad Heins Was Wrongly Convicted of Murder, Florida Judge Vacates Conviction, Citing New DNA Evidence
Tenth Dallas County Man in Just Five Years Is Proven Innocent Through DNA Evidence; Larry Fuller Set To Be Released Today
DNA Proves Scott Fappiano's Innocence 21 Years After He Was Wrongly Convicted of Rape in Brooklyn
DNA Proves Jeffrey Deskovic's Innocence 16 Years After He Was Wrongly Convicted as a Teenager
Study of Year-Long Pilot Project Shows that Key Eyewitness Identification Reforms Are Effective
21 Years After Wrongful Conviction - And After 12 Years Fighting for Access to Evidence - DNA Proves Alan Newton's Innocence
U.S. Supreme Court Reopens Death Row Case Based on DNA Evidence
Historic Audit of Virginia Crime Lab Errors in Earl Washington Jr.'s Capital Case
Robert Clark Exonerated by DNA Evidence After 24 Years in Prison
Innocence Project: Legislative Agreement Makes State DNA Database System Bigger, not Better
DNA Results in Coleman Case Finally Reveal the Truth in One Case -- but Don't Answer Serious Doubts about the Fairness of the Criminal Justice System, Innocence Project Says
23 Years After Conviction Based on Eyewitness Misidentification, DNA Proves Orlando Boquete's Innocence
Charges Dropped in Larry Peterson Case After Nearly a Year of Legal Limbo
DNA Evidence Exonerates Douglas Warney after a Decade in Prison for a Murder He Did Not Commit
Innocence Project Says Supreme Court Ruling Is a "Big Victory" for Defendants Trying To Prove Their Innocence and Challenge Flawed Forensic Evidence
Innocence Project Submits Two Arson Cases to Texas Commission and Requests System-Wide Review
Proven Innocent by DNA, Roy Brown Is Fully Exonerated
James Waller Exonerated through Pardon from Governor; One of 13 Dallas Men Proven Innocent By DNA Testing
DNA Proves Antonio Beaver's Innocence in St. Louis Carjacking, 10 Years After Conviction Based on Victim's Misidentification
Cleared by DNA 25 Years after Wrongful Conviction in Dallas, James Giles To Join Other Exonerees and Innocence Project at Legislative Hearing on Statewide Reform Tuesday in Austin
Andrew Gossett Is Officially Exonerated by DNA in Dallas County; Full Texas Senate Will Debate Innocence Commission Bill Monday
In 200th DNA Exoneration Nationwide, Jerry Miller in Chicago Is Proven Innocent 25 Years After Wrongful Conviction
Sweeping State Legislative Reform Package To Address Wrongful Convictions Introduced in New York
After 21 Years in Prison - including 16 on Death Row - Curtis McCarty is Exonerated Based on DNA Evidence
After 19 Years in Prison for One of the Most Heinous Crimes in NJ History, Byron Halsey Is Proven Innocent through DNA
NY Assembly Reforms on DNA and Criminal Justice Will Address and Prevent Wrongful Convictions, Innocence Project Says
Westchester DA's Report on Jeffrey Deskovic's Wrongful Conviction
Byron Halsey Is Fully Exonerated in New Jersey after DNA Proves His Innocence in 1985 Child Rapes and Murders
Pennsylvania Appeals Court to Hear Arguments Tuesday on Whether Man Convicted of Rape/Murder Can Have DNA Testing
State Appeals Court Grants Archie Williams DNA Testing To Prove His Innocence - 11 Years after He First Asked a Court for Testing
Nebraska Supreme Court to Hear Arguments Thursday from Two Men Seeking DNA Testing to Prove Their Innocence in 1985 Murder
DNA Tests May Show Whether Texas Man Was Wrongfully Executed; Legal Motions Filed to Hold Evidence for Testing
Texas Judge Blocks State from Destroying Evidence that May Show Whether Man Was Wrongfully Executed
Alabama Governor Refuses to Hear How DNA Testing Could Impact Case Set for Execution Next Week
Alabama Governor's 45-Day Stay of Execution for Thomas Arthur Should Immediately Lead to DNA Testing, Innocence Project Says
DNA Testing Proves that Houston Man Was Wrongfully Convicted of Rape in 1995; Case Highlights Serious HPD Crime Lab Problems
New York Leads Most States in Number of Wrongful Convictions, But Lags Behind in Reforms to Prevent Them, New Innocence Project Report Finds
Clay Chabot's 1986 Dallas Murder Conviction Is Expected to Be Vacated at Hearing Friday Morning Based on DNA Results
UPDATE: Dallas judge approves vacating Clay Chabot's sentence, sets bail hearing for Oct. 26
Prosecutor Dismisses Case Against Chad Heins Based on DNA Evidence, Exonerating Him in 1994 Florida Murder
Innocence Project Calls on Governor to Order DNA Testing in Alabama Execution Case Halted by U.S. Supreme Court
Six Men Sentenced To Die - but Later Exonerated by DNA - Urge Gov. Riley to Order DNA Testing for Thomas Arthur
After 26 Years, DNA Testing Exonerates Rickie Johnson in Sabine Parish, Louisiana, Rape; Johnson Will be Released Today and Speak at a Press Conference in Baton Rouge Tuesday
Evidence Proves that Innocent Men Were Wrongfully Convicted in Two Mississippi Murder Cases; Hearing Set for Friday
Two Innocent Men Cleared Today in Separate Murder Cases in Mississippi, 15 Years after Wrongful Convictions
Innocence Project Issues Formal Records Requests To Determine How Much Hayne Uses State Labs for Autopsy Misconduct
23 Years After Improper Photo Lineup Led to Wrongful Conviction, DNA Proves Thomas McGowan's Innocence in Dallas County Rape
As 18th Person is Freed Based on DNA in Dallas, Summit on Wrongful Convictions in Texas Is Set for May 8
26 Years After Wrongful Conviction in Detroit Rape Case - Walter Swift is Released from Prison and Exonerated
DNA Testing Proves Chicago Man's Innocence in 1994 Rape
Dean Cage, Wrongfully Convicted Based on Eyewitness ID Practices that Are Still in Place Today, Is Exonerated in Chicago with DNA
Innocence Project and Affiliated Organizations Urge U.S. Supreme Court to Protect Critical Right to Challenge Forensic Evidence in Criminal Cases
NY State Senate Task Force to Hold Public Hearing July 2 on Preventing Wrongful Convictions
Newark Man's Conviction for 1995 Murder Should Be Tossed Based on DNA Testing and Other New Evidence
25 Years After Wrongful Conviction, Steven Phillips Set To Be Exonerated in Dallas Based on DNA and Other Evidence
Mississippi Takes "Huge First Steps" Against Unprecedented Autopsy Misconduct but Must Take Further Action, Innocence Project Says
State finally brings an end to Steven Hayne’s misconduct and moves to appoint State Medical Examiner; Innocence Project calls for records of all cases Hayne has handled
Victim's Family Joins Federal Lawsuit for DNA Testing That Could Overturn a Wrongful Conviction and Solve a Cold Case
Innocence Project and Affiliated Organizations Urge U.S. Supreme Court to Maintain Safeguards Against Systemic Prosecutorial Misconduct
Alleging Negligence in Baltimore Crime Lab, Innocence Project Formally Requests Investigation under Federal Law
Innocence Project, Representing Alaska Man in U.S. Supreme Court Case, Says Constitution Allows Post-Conviction DNA Tests
Inspector General Issues 'Strong Indictment' of Federal Forensic Oversight
Prosecutors, Crime Victims, People Exonerated with DNA Testing and Others Urge U.S. Supreme Court to Recognize Constitutional Right to Post-Conviction DNA Testing
National Academy of Sciences Urges Comprehensive Reform of U.S. Forensic Sciences
U.S. Department of Justice Failing to Enforce Critical Forensic Oversight, New Innocence Project Report Finds
Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Hear Arguments Tuesday on Whether Man Convicted of Rape/Murder Can Have DNA Testing
Chief Judge of NY High Court Creates Unprecedented Justice Task Force; Innocence Project Says Task Force is a 'Huge Step Forward' and a National Model
DNA Testing Proves Man's Innocence in 1984 Richmond Rape; Lawyers Seek Full Reinvestigations in Two Additional Convictions
Paul House Fully Cleared in 1986 TN Death Row Conviction; Case is “a profound reminder that our system of justice must give people every reasonable opportunity to prove their innocence”
The Exonerated and Their Families in New York State Call for Legislative Reforms to Improve Criminal Justice
U.S. Supreme Court Decision on DNA Testing Is Disappointing But Will Have Limited Impact, Innocence Project Says
Supreme Court Ruling on Crime Lab Testimony Is a Step Forward, But Doesn't Resolve Underlying Problems with Forensic Science
As More States Weigh Improving Lineups, New Innocence Project Report Shows Extent of the Problem and Effectiveness of Reform
Innocence Project Statement on Decision Dismissing Murder Charges Against Ralph Armstrong After 29 Years
Innocence Project Seeks Thorough Search for Evidence That Could Prove New Jersey Man Innocent in 1985 Rape
New Report Shows that Cameron Todd Willingham, Executed in Texas in 2004, Was Innocent
New Jersey Judge to Hear Case on Eyewitness Guidelines
400 People from 125 Texas Towns -- Including 15 Exonerated with DNA Testing -- Urge State Panel to Continue Willingham Probe
Innocence Network Asks Ohio Appeals Court to Grant New Trial Based on Tainted Forensic Evidence
81% of Exonerated People Who Have Been Compensated Under State Laws Received Less Than the Federal Standard, New Innocence Project Report Shows
Year-in-Review: 27 People in the U.S. Exonerated by Innocence Network Organizations in 2009
In 250th DNA Exoneration Nationwide, New York Man Is Proven Innocent 33 Years After Wrongful Conviction for Rape
Ohio Passes Major Package of Reforms on Wrongful Convictions; Governor Is Expected to Sign Bill, Making Ohio a National Model
Governor Strickland Signs Groundbreaking Reform Package On Wrongful Convictions, Making Ohio a National Model
Critical Bill to Examine and Reshape Criminal Justice System Introduced in House
Rochester Man To Be Freed 18 Years After Wrongful Murder Conviction; DNA and Confession Lead to Actual Perpetrator
DNA Database Search Could Free Man on Florida's Death Row; Legal Papers Filed to Force State to Allow Search for Real Perpetrator in 1986 Murder Case
Texas Judge Orders DNA Test in Case of Man Executed 10 Years Ago
Special Master Appointed by N.J. Supreme Court Calls for Major Overhaul of Legal Standards for Eyewitness Testimony
Texas Forensic Science Commission Set to Discuss Willingham Case and Arson Convictions Statewide
House Passes Bipartisan Bill to Review and Reform the Criminal Justice System
Texas Forensic Science Commission Set to Discuss Willingham Arson Case
The Innocence Project and Winston & Strawn Launch First Online Database of DNA Wrongful Convictions
Innocence Project Announces Three New Members to Board of Directors
DNA Test Proves Critical Hair Evidence in a Capital Murder Case Didn't Match Man Executed
Innocence Network Organizations Secured 29 Exonerations in 2010