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Edwin Grimsley

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Posted: January 31, 2007   12:00 AM

Senior Case Analyst

Edwin Grimsley joined the Innocence Project in December 2006. As Senior Case Analyst, Edwin corresponds with defendants and reviews investigative, trial, appellate and laboratory documents to determine if postconviction DNA testing could prove innocence. He researches whether a case has a viable claim of innocence and probative biological evidence.

Prior to joining the Innocence Project, Edwin worked as a paralegal for a small law firm devoted to labor unions and employment discrimination civil rights lawsuits. He also worked for four years on post-September 11th arrests and detentions as a paralegal for the American Civil Liberties Union. During his time at the ACLU, he became heavily involved in prison conditions and worked on prisoner abuse issues at Riker’s Island correctional facilities as Advocacy Chair for the Human Rights Watch Young Advocates. Edwin received his B.A. in Biology from Wesleyan University in 2001.

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