A Note on Steven Avery and the Netflix Series “Making a Murderer”

Many of you have raised concern for the case of Steven Avery. As you have seen from the series,  Making a Murderer,  the criminal justice system is far from perfect. Cases like Avery are very complicated. As you will learn through the series, a member of the Innocence Network is currently looking into some aspects of his case. 

While we know from the 336 DNA exonerations that innocent people are wrongly convicted and serve long prison terms for crimes they didn’t commit, we don’t know how many innocent people are in prison seeking to clear their names. Fortunately, the filmmakers behind  Making a Murderer  are helping to shine a spotlight on some of the problems that plague the criminal justice system, like false confessions and government misconduct. 

Learn more about wrongful convictions and what you can do to help fight them  here

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