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From the Wrongful Convictions Blog: International Innocence Round-up, December 3, 2012

Posted: December 3, 2012 2:35 pm

Fred McDermott has become the first person in Australian history to be exonerated of a crime posthumously, thirty-five years after he died
Ukrainian football fans both inside the country and abroad are leading a push to free Serhiy and Dmytro Pavlychenko, a father and son convicted of murdering a judge in a case that includes allegations of forced confessions, police brutality and planted evidence.
In India, two Muslim men sentenced to death for a 1996 bombing have been exonerated after a court found that police and prosecutors used questionable evidence in obtaining their convictions and failed to record statements from key witnesses.
A British author is planning legal action against the South Wales Police after loaning his notes on the Cardiff Five wrongful conviction case to the force and being unable to get them back.