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From the Wrongful Convictions Blog: International Innocence Round-up, December 17, 2012

Posted: December 17, 2012 4:10 pm

The execution of Cheng Hsing-tse for the murder of a police officer in Taiwan is imminent, despite doubts about the veracity of crime scene evidence and indications that his confession was obtained by police through torture. His case has been taken up by the recently founded Taiwan Innocence Project as well as Amnesty International
A new campaign is underway in Galway, Ireland, to prove the innocence of Myles Joyce, who was hanged for murder 130 years ago after a trial conducted in English – instead of Joyce’s native Irish – and in which he was condemned by three accusers who testified in exchange for reductions in their own sentences.
New Zealand Justice Minister Judith Collins has released conflicting reports on whether David Bain should be compensated for his wrongful conviction in the 1995 murder of his family.  A full rundown of the conflicting reports and the process that led to them can be found here.
The Innocence Project Phillipines has been started as a collaboration between several universities’ law schools and scientific and academic laboratories in that country.