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Brooklyn District Attorney Ordered to Release Files in Murder Case Review

Posted: November 15, 2013 12:50 pm

Eight months after the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office ordered an investigation into whether a retired Brooklyn homicide detective fabricated confessions of suspects that he interrogated in approximately 40 murder cases, District Attorney Charles Hynes has refused to disclose any case information about the convictions. His refusal to cooperate contrasts
In a response to a subpoena filed by lawyers for one of the men whose conviction is under review, a Brooklyn judge ordered the DA to provide him with all the case files, two at a time.
The Daily News reported that the chiefs of the Appeals Bureau and the Conviction Integrity Unit, who are responsible for ordering the review of Louis Scarcella’s cases, seemed surprised by the judge’s ruling on Wednesday. The prosecution said the judge will receive the first boxes of documents by the end of this week.
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