A Celebration of Freedom & Justice

On  April 24, 2007 the Innocence Project hosted its first annual benefit event in New York City.

The event was a celebration of the Innocence Project’s achievements and was held in honor of several individuals who have made significant contibutions to the project's work.

The event's honorees were Janet Reno, who has dedicated herself to innocence issues since leaving political office, Calvin Johnson, who spent sixteen years in prison due to a wrongful conviction and now serves on the Innocence Project board, Cravath, Swaine & Moore, the Innocence Project's corporate counsel, and Showtime and its CEO and Chairman Matt Blank for producing the award-winning film, After Innocence.

Click below to watch video of the 18 exonerees in attendance introducing themselves onstage or click here to watch news coverage of the event and read more about honorees and exonerees in attendance.


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